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Wordless Echoes – Tangerine Dreaming

A six-hour soundscape inspired by the music of Tangerine Dream. It includes music from Tangerine Dream’s album Supernormal, the Echoes CD of the Month for April 2015. You’ll also hear classic T-Dream, excerpts from solo albums of band members, and music from artists inspired by Tangerine Dream.

Big Ears Festival 2015

The Big Ears Festival in Knoxville brought together an array of musicians from the bleeding edge of the avant-garde to the cutting edge of rock and folk. Kronos Quartet presided over this meeting ground of Vanguard music that included Laurie Anderson, Wu Man, Terry Riley, Rhiannon Giddens and much much more.

Echoes Winners at the Grammys

Congratulations to 2015 Grammy winners from the Echoes side of the music stream.  Beck‘s Morning Phase was the number one Echoes CD in 2014.  We were as shocked as anybody, except Kanye West, who of course, had to be the MOST shocked, because he’s, you know, fucking Yeezus.  He bum rushed the stage during Beck’s…