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An Echoes Halloween

Every year on Echoes we create a two-hour soundscape of haunted music. But online, we go even further into the underworld with a six hour Wordless Echoes Halloween, an all instrumental walk through the dark side. Listen if you dare.

Echoes Live 21

Echoes Live 21

Our latest album of live Echoes performances is here. It’s called Echoes Live 21. We’ve picked the best tracks from the best live Echoes performances and put them on our 21st CD. Here are the stories behind the tracks.

Hanging on a Hang

The Hang Drum is an instrument that looks like a flying saucer or two woks tuck together. With tuned indentations and/or bumps it makes the warmest most serene sound that’s found a following among world music players, jazz bands and New Age artists.

Cluster’s Dieter Moebius Unplugs – R.I.P.

Dieter Moebius was a founding member of influential German bands Cluster and Harmonia, creating a sound that was known as Krautrock and collaborating with Brian Eno. Moebius died on July 20 at the age of 71. We go back to an interview with Moebius and bandmate Hans-Joachim Roedelius from 1996.

The Best of 2015…So Far

Robert Rich-Filaments

We pick the Best Echoes CDs of the Year at the halfway point. John Diliberto then runs them down from #25 to number 1. It begins with a band we’ve never heard of before and ends with an Icon of Echoes. We’ll hear from artists who put out signature releases, others reaching for ambitious highs and still others reflecting on very long careers.