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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015-Echoes Program 1532B


Lanterna is the performance vehicle of guitarist Henry Frayne. He used to play in the shoegaze bands Area and The Moon Seven Times, but as Lanterna he makes an instrumental music that seems to rise off the heat of the American plains and travel down a surf guitar highway.

Wordless Echoes: The Tao of Steve

In the movie The Tao of Steve, a character develops a philosophy of “being Steve.” We noticed that there’s a whole lot of Echoes music made by Steves. Here’s a five-hour uninterrupted instrumental soundscape exploring music made by Steves, Stevens, Stephens, Stephans, Stephanies, even a Stevin.

Ambient Americana Landscapes

It’s a different sound of America for Independence Day weekend. It’s a sound steeped in the landscapes of the US from the Grand Canyon to the forests of Maine, all steeped in the sound of Ambient Americana, that unique sound merging country twang and ambient atmospheres. This soundscape for July 4th is one of twangquility, only at Echoes On-Line.

Lanterna’s Backyards Echoes March CD of the Month

An Excursion in Ambient Americana from Lanterna is Echoes March CD of the MonthLanterna’s Backyards opens with the rollicking title track, a screaming ride down the Pacific Coast highway kind of song that you might expect to hear from the Eagles in their rare instrumental moments. It’s a great song with the twangy guitar and…