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Friday, September 25, 2015

Coming up on a Slow Flow Echoes, we’ll hear new music by Tom Caufield who combines acoustic guitar with Moog synthesizer on the appropriately titled album, Moog & Nylon.

Jesse Cook’s One World Echoes August CD of the Month.

Nouveau Flamenco guitarist Jesse Cook came to renown with his debut album, Tempest, in 1995. At the time he road in on the coattails of Nouveau Flamenco pioneer Ottmar Liebert and bands like The Gipsy Kings, but Cook always had his own sound, one that that morphed and fused over the course of two decades and several albums. He’s taken his flamenco influenced guitar playing into new settings with every album. On One World he goes global and electronica in a studio infused album of journeys from the serene to the ecstatic. One world is the Echoes CD of the Month for August.

The Best of 2015…So Far

Robert Rich-Filaments

We pick the Best Echoes CDs of the Year at the halfway point. John Diliberto then runs them down from #25 to number 1. It begins with a band we’ve never heard of before and ends with an Icon of Echoes. We’ll hear from artists who put out signature releases, others reaching for ambitious highs and still others reflecting on very long careers.