Wordless Echoes – American Landscapes

Three hours hours of uninterrupted instrumental music to celebrate Independence Day.

Wordless Echoes – American Landscape

Three hours of continuous instrumental soundscapes celebrating Independence Day.

American Landscapes

Its an odd year for America: but one thing is eternal:  the landscapes of America are a constant inspiration for musicians, and always feel worth celebrating. Join us for an uninterrupted soundtrack for an imaginary voyage across American Landscapes.

This three-hour soundscape includes Steve Roach, Jill Haley, Peter Kater, Paul Winter, Philip Aaberg, Tycho, Pat Metheny, Patrick O’Hearn, and many more.  It’s American Landscapes at Echoes On-Line.

Wordless Echoes – American Landscapes
0:00:00 Makana Forest Walk A Hawaiian Interlude
0:04:00 Aukai Afternoon Moon Game Trails
0:06:18 Jill Haley Prairie Grass Dance The Winds Of Badlands
0:09:45 Peter Kater Unificationi Hawaii
0:13:06 AvaWaves Mulholland Waves
0:17:22 Ryan Farish Foggy Mountain Art for Life
0:20:31 Steve Roach The Sky Opens The Sky Opens
0:30:01 Paul Adams Pastoral (feat. Elizabeth Geyer/Pravin Godkhindi/David
0:37:52 Endless Field Life On Earth Alive in the Wilderness
0:42:08 Pat Metheny America Undefined From This Place
0:55:18 SUSS Chisholm Trail Aurora:Chisholm Trail-Single
0:59:20 William Tyler Our Lady Of The Desert Goes West
1:02:44 Jake Shimabukuro Summer Rain Jake Shimabukuro Trio
1:05:58 Daniel Lanois JJ Leaves L.A. Shine
1:10:06 Paul Speer Sunrise Sonoran Odyssey
1:15:11 Sonic Yogi Montana Skies Be the Love You Seek
1:19:18 Vin Downes Each Other’s Home Good Light to Go By
1:24:35 Taimane Water Elemental
1:29:45 Yppah Tree Ghost Sunset In The Deep End
1:34:38 Patrick O’Hearn Magnificent River Beautiful World
1:40:16 Philip Aaberg High Plains Live from Montana
1:44:24 John Gregorious The Expansive Sky Full of Life
1:49:43 Paul Winter Cathedral Pines Greatest Hits
1:52:42 Jonathan E. Blake Alaska 05 Alaska
2:00:03 Paul Speer Moonrise (Guitar Mix) Sonoran Odyssey
2:04:01 Sumner McKane When We Get to California What A Great Place To Be
2:10:48 George Winston High Plains Lullaby Montana
2:14:43 David Cullen Portland Harbor Guitar Travels
2:17:55 Lanterna Monticello Farm Backyards
2:20:36 Tycho Montana Awake
2:25:44 Ben Blackett Deep Currents Portals
2:29:55 Steve Jolliffe Desert Plains Warrior
2:36:58 Tom Caufield America The Beautiful Forging The Moonlight
2:39:52 Steve Roach & Roger King Gone West Dust to Dust
2:47:10 Alex De Grassi Cumulus Rising The Water Garden
2:51:40 Robert Linton Beyond The Clearing Beyond The Clearing
2:57:38 Jeff Pearce Under Summer Stars Follow the River Home