Wordless Echoes – Christmas Echoes – Part 1

Four hours of uninterrupted music for the winter holidays.
There are a few traditional carols sprinkled among new songs for the season, (even a few with words!) and spacey evocations of snowy landscapes. We’ll hear from Echoes stalwarts such as Enya, George Winston and Andreas Vollenweider, along with newer additions to the canon, such as Bluetech, Tom Caufield and Bryan Carrigan.

Christmas Echoes – pt 1

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Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Tom Caufield Silent Night I Heard it was Christmas Day
0:07:30 Delerium Angels Mythologie
0:13:10 Bryan Carrigan Snow Day Fall Into Winter
0:15:29 Erik Wollo Crystal Bells 3 Crystal Bells
0:21:47 David Naidu Snowflight Going Places
0:23:33 Tom Caufield God Rest You Merry Gentlemen Heard it was Christmas Day
0:27:17 Jeff Pearce A Clear Night With Evening Above
0:30:53 Art Patience The Gift Christmas from the Heart (va)
0:37:04 Naming Ghosts Snowy Saturday Morning Naming Ghosts
0:43:06 Aukai Snow Aukai
0:46:15 Bryan Carrigan Deepest of Night Fall Into Winter
0:50:45 Pan Electric A Winter’s Walk Conscious Pilot
0:54:42 Pantha Du Prince The Winter Hymn The Triad
0:58:58 Jeff Johnson, Brian Dunning & Wendy Goodwin Winterfold Winterfold
1:04:42 Bluetech Snow Drift Midnight Soul Dive (v/a)*
1:09:04 Bluetech A Garland of Stars Sines and Singularities
1:12:01 Bluetech Leaving Winter Behind Left Coast Liquid Vol.1 (v/a)*
1:19:48 Geigertek Beneath a Christmas Mantle ChristmasAD-The First Snow (v/a)*
1:22:04 The Piano Guys Carol of the Bells/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen A Family Christmas
1:25:22 Al DiMeola Scarborough Fair Winter Nights
1:29:50 Al Petteway & Amy White Breakin’ Up Christmas Winter Tidings
1:33:46 Patrick Ball So Trieben Wir Den Winter Aus The Wood of Morois
1:37:05 Peter Kater What Child Is This Xmas Ecstacy
1:47:05 Al Rudd The Magic of Christmas ChristmasAD-The First Snow (v/a)*
1:50:53 Philip Aaberg Earth Abides Christmas
1:55:23 George Winston January Stars Winter Into Spring
2:01:46 Al Petteway & Amy White Into the Light Winter Tidings
2:06:52 Tino Izzo Happy Xmas War is Over Decembre
2:10:47 Andreas Vollenweider The Yorkshire Wassail Midnight Clear
2:14:35 Angels of Venice God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Sanctus
2:20:30 Ashkelon Sain and Dorian Fields The Christmas Song Ornamental
2:28:41 Franco Falsini Cold Nose – Part 7 Cold Nose
2:32:22 Love Spirals Aspen Glow Excelsis 3: A Prelude (v/a)*
2:34:27 David Tolk Still Still Still Christmas
2:38:22 Al DiMeola Midwinter Nights Winter Nights
2:43:08 Carla Bley The Christmas Song Carla’s Christmas Carols
2:48:15 Enya And Winter Came And Winter Came
2:51:25 Honeyroot Radiant B000SQLCLM The Ambient Zone Just Music Café vol 4 (V/a)
3:00:10 Autumn’s Grey Solace Through the Snowy Trees A Dark
Noel (v/a)
3:03:37 Claire Hamill Icicle Rain Voices
3:08:45 Ken Elkinson Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella Christmas Ambient
3:12:44 Jonn Serrie Winter’s Chapel Tingri
3:19:06 Moya Brennan Carol of the Bells An Irish Christmas
3:23:43 Ken Elkinson Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning Christmas Ambient
3:28:19 Bryan Carrigan Morning’s Gift Windows
3:32:25 Skuli Sverrisson The Sound of Snow Seria II
3:36:08 Erik Wollo The Great White Solstice (Special Remastered Edition)
3:44:00 Enya Journey of the Angels And Winter Came
3:48:25 Ken Elkinson Deck the Halls Christmas Ambient

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