Wordless Echoes: An Earth Day Soundscape

Wordless Echoes: A Soundscape for Earthday.

Even though everyone is trapped in their homes on Earth Day 2020, we’ll listen to the sounds of the earth, on a Wordless Echoes: An Echoes Earth Day Soundscape. It’s the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and we’ll hear a five-hour uninterrupted instrumental soundscape, inspired by the many wonders  of the natural world.

Wordless Echoes – Earth Day Soundscape
0:00 Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic Forest Path Blue Landscapes III_ Frontiers (Music From A Quieter Place)
6:45 Jake Shimabukuro, Nolan Verner, &
Dave Preston
Summer Rain Trio
9:59 Lama’s Dream Rain Catcher (Ka Fu Remix) Raincatcher (EP)
16:11 James Asher & Ayako Tanaka Totoro and the Birds From Bud to Bloom
23:05 Kitaro Earth In Bloom Sacred Journey of Kukai 1
30:30 Fade Island crossroads Bring Me Back
35:14 Eleon Terra Sanctuary (Featuring David Helpling) Dreams Beyond Terra
40:39 Naneum Landing Open Sea
45:02 George Wallace Sacred Earth Live from Planet Earth
57:33 Erothyme Moonlight Through Bare Branches Circadia
1:02:07 EchoesLibrary-Partial-200319 Earthman Colours-va
1:07:33 Cebeiri Plants Telling Colours II: Ice-va
1:15:14 Darshan Ambient Ah! Sunflower A Day Like Any Other
1:19:07 Lawson Rollins With The Wind True North
1:23:32 Asiabeat Ocean Odysseys Spirit Of The People
1:27:49 AES Dana Forest Fish Season 5
1:32:22 AvaWaves Waves Waves
1:36:29 Michael Gettel Sucia/Shallow Bay San Juan Suite
1:46:05 Nicholas Gunn Chasing the Light Pacific Blue
1:50:18 Al Jewer River Crossing River Crossing
1:53:32 Robert Powell Delta Waves Desert beach
1:59:56 Ishq Fluid Earth Orchid
2:17:25 R. Carlos Nakai Night Forest Island Of Bows
2:23:22 Hugar Saga Varda
2:27:50 Robert Jurjendal & Miguel Noya Curiara A View Above Water The Power Of Distance
2:34:26 SUSS Mojave Highlines
2:38:21 Peter Maunu My Sky At Twilight Warm Sound in a Gray Field
2:42:55 Robert Linton Weaving Through The Waves Adrift In Wonder
2:48:40 Alex De Grassi Lost In The Woods The Water Garden
2:52:07 Phil Thornton The Secret Cave Coastal Moods
2:58:32 Mychael Dana & Tim Clement Summerland (Hours in the Garden) Summerland
3:08:03 David Helpling Isle In Half Light Rune
3:15:42 Eleon Terra Sanctuary (Featuring David Helpling) Dreams Beyond Terra
3:21:19 Vic Hennegan Patagonian Rain In A Field of Worlds and Mirrors
3:29:16 Paul Speer Monsoon (No Thunder) Sonoran Odyssey
3:33:18 Michael Whalen Part One-The Seeding Tree of Life
3:37:23 Vangelis Movement 1 Soil Festivities
3:54:47 Jill Haley Chapin Daybreak Mesa Verde Soundscapes
4:00:08 Philip Aaberg Marias River Breakdown Live from Montana
4:05:20 Taimane Water Elemental
4:10:29 David Cullen Portland Harbor Guitar Travels
4:13:35 Steve Roach & Roger King Gone West Dust to Dust
4:20:25 Jill Haley Vibrant Mesa Blossoms Mesa Verde Soundscapes
4:24:19 Jonathan E. Blake Alaska 05 Alaska
4:31:41 Tom Caufield Heat Lightning Opaque Frontier
4:36:13 Blue Is Nine Isle of Skye A Pool Appears
4:41:03 General Fuzz The Gorge Miles Tones
4:46:16 George Winston Tamarack Pines Forest
4:51:36 Paul Winter Under the Sun Earth-Voices of a Planet

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