Non-Narrated Echoes Stream: Week 18, 2020

An eight-Hour uninterrupted stream of Echoes programs.

Eight hours of continuous, uninterrupted music from Echoes, featuring AvaWaves, Steve Roach, Kraftwerk, and more.

0:00:00 Michael Whalen Ordinary Miracles Sacred Spaces
0:04:52 AvaWaves Waves Waves
0:09:09 Thievery Corporation Sweet Tides (feat Lulu) Symphonix
0:14:10 Skanger Condolences Condolences
0:17:56 John Gregorius Full Of Life Full Of Life
0:23:29 AvaWaves Underwater Waves
0:26:39 AvaWaves In Motion Waves
0:30:35 JFDR Taking A Part Of Me New Dreams
0:33:46 Purity Ring Peacefall Womb
0:37:54 Drogtech Don’t Look Back Fractured
0:41:47 AvaWaves To Be Alone Waves
0:45:19 Miriem Ben Amor La Rosa Enflorece La Rosa Enforce (single)
0:50:07 Nicholas Gunn Chasing the Light Pacific Blue
0:53:54 AvaWaves Mulholland Waves
0:58:10 Ultraísta Mariella Sister
1:03:16 Rone Nouveau Monde Room With a View
1:09:51 AvaWaves Deep Blue Waves
1:15:20 AvaWaves Ocean Waves
1:20:01 Azam Ali All That is Left is Sky All That is Left is Sky
1:28:22 Kayobe No Sympathy (ft. Zoe Sky Jordan) No Sympathy (single)
1:32:24 Steve Roach Seeking Empetus
1:37:45 Taimane Ether Elemental
1:41:34 Agnes Obel Broken Sleep Myopia
1:46:24 Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning/Wendy Goodwin When I Return To You Kohelet
1:48:28 Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky In the Air Tonight In the Air Single
1:53:45 Mark Shreeve Legion Legion
1:58:45 Steve Roach The Beauty Relentless Bloom Ascension
2:09:41 Steve Roach Trance Genealogy Trance Archeology
2:25:00 Falling You Breathe (Featuring Courtney Grace) Shine
2:30:14 Yaima Time Is All We Have OvO
2:35:03 Teebs Atoms Song (ft. Thomas Stankiewicz) Anicca
2:41:29 Séamus Egan 6 Then 5 Early Bright
2:46:12 Kaya Project Obsidian Beats _..& So It Goes
2:51:57 David Helpling The Heart Of Us Rune
3:02:13 Vellúa Sesenio Portrait of Souls
3:06:13 Beck Stratosphere Hyperspace
3:09:51 All India Radio End Game Eternal
3:14:36 Ken Verheecke Be Still A Better Life
3:17:15 All India Radio The Edge Of Infinity Eternal
3:21:57 Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens Luminous Spaces Luminous Spaces (single)
3:28:29 Hans Christian Spyres Of Desires After The Fall
3:34:37 Mappe Of Volcae The Isle of Ailynn
3:37:12 Richard Burmer Celebration in the Four Towers On The Third Extreme
3:40:54 Teebs Studie (ft. Panda Bear) Anicca
3:44:24 The XX Angels Coexist
3:47:10 Barrett Martin The Realm Of Shades Indwell
3:50:32 Vellúa Vero Portrait of Souls
3:54:44 Darshan Ambient LightFighter A Day Like Any Other
3:59:49 Richard Souther Be Not Afraid Within the Frame
4:02:36 Dreaming Of Ghosts Not Real Anymore Dreaming Of Ghosts
4:05:47 Paul Haslinger Room 3 Exit Ghost
4:09:01 Agnes Obel Island of Doom Myopia
4:14:18 Kevin Keller Beacon 1 12:25
4:21:20 Vin Downes The Flawed Heart Good Light to Go By
4:25:01 Steve Hauschildt Reverse Culture Music Nonlin
4:30:54 Nicholas Godin We Forgot Love (ft Kadjha Bonet) Concrete and Glass
4:35:47 Séamus Egan Simon Nally/Hunt The Buck Early Bright
4:40:03 Azure Ray November November
4:44:18 SUSS The Walk Home Highline
4:48:00 Delerium Keyless Door (feat Azure Ray) Music Box Opera
4:52:53 Kayobe Mirrors Islands to Bridges
4:56:02 John Gregorius Path Of Renewal Full Of Life
5:01:05 Mree In The Kitchen The Middle
5:04:27 Maps Just Reflecting Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss
5:09:45 AvaWaves Voyager Waves
5:13:40 Bridget Kearney & Benjamin Lazar Davis I Can Hear You Still Flying
5:16:14 Peter Kater Unification Hawaii
5:19:36 Moby Too Much Change Too Much Change (single)
5:22:46 Cosmaks Introspection Introspection EP
5:28:31 Aukai Akal Ki Game Trails
5:32:19 Le Groupe Obscur Fheme Pondecen
5:36:55 Alex De Grassi Angel The Bridge
5:41:28 Erik Wollo Computerlove Blue Sky Red Guitars
5:47:28 Jonsi Exhale Exhale (single)
5:52:23 Cloower Wooma Solaris 2.0 Colours (v/a)
5:58:25 Vagabon Water Me Down Vagabon
6:02:40 L.A. Takedown There Is A Drone In Griffith Park Our Feeling Of Natural High
6:11:46 Kraftwerk Autobahn 3-D The Catalogue
6:26:05 Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express Trans Europe Express
6:32:40 Kraftwerk The Man Machine The Man Machine
6:38:04 Séamus Egan Welcome To Orwell Early Bright
6:43:20 Future Fire Your Kiss Could Burn Fire (Feat The Spirit) Shattered Light
6:47:02 Alice Boman Heart On Fire Dream On
6:50:53 Tigerforest Constellations Discovery
6:56:29 Mint Julep Translations Stray Fantasies
7:00:11 Richard Burmer Revolving Faces of God Treasures of the Saints
7:04:06 Nicholas Godin Concrete and Glass Concrete and Glass
7:08:05 Sharon Van Etten No One’s Easy To Love Remind Me Tomorrow
7:12:36 Mark Dwane Tharsis Ritual Martian Apparitions
7:17:20 Dreaming Of Ghosts Let Me Know You Dreaming Of Ghosts
7:21:46 The Crannua Collective So Far Away The Crannua Collective
7:25:40 Taimane Water Elemental
7:30:43 Al Di Meola African Night Scenario
7:35:20 Rise Dark Cloud Strangers
7:40:13 Desert Dwellers Praise Her the Firekeeper Breathe Reimagined
7:45:53 Mimi Goese & Ben Neill Cuckoo Life You Are
7:50:32 Eleon Winston’s Journey Cerulean
7:56:53 Grimes So Heavy I Fell Through. the Earth Miss Anthropocene
8:02:44 Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy Indian Sisters Autumn Monsoon
8:09:19 Skye & Ross The Point Of No Return Skye & Ross
8:15:10 Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm Persis Drawn From Life

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