Wordless Echoes – Break of Dawn pt 1

Wordless Echoes – Break of Dawn – pt 1

A three-hour soundscape featuring tunes for the morning – or a metaphorical new dawn. Featuring classic tracks by Nightnoise, Hammock, Paul Winter, and many more.

Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc
0:00:00 Beck Cycle/Morning Morning Phase Buy From Amazon
0:05:54 Flunk Morning Star (Parliavox Remix) All Day and All of the Night Remixes Buy From Amazon
0:10:49 Balmorhea Baleen Morning Rivers Arms Buy From Amazon
0:14:24 Anat Fort Morning: Good A Long Story Buy From Amazon
0:21:38 David Michael Morning Star After the Rain Buy From Amazon
0:26:52 David Darling Morning Cello Blue Buy From Amazon
0:33:33 Current Morning Chill The Dream Cabinet Buy from CDBaby
0:37:23 Liftoff The Morning Sunday Morning Airplay Buy From Amazon
0:40:37 Kaya Project Arizona Morning Cocoon Desert Phase Buy From Amazon
0:47:18 Icebreaker Silver Morning Apollo Buy From Amazon
0:49:36 Karda Estra Morning Wraiths The Last of the Libertine Buy From Amazon
0:55:30 Nightnoise Morning in Madrid A Different Shore Buy From Amazon
1:00:30 Adrian Legg/Marco Pereira/Lulo Reinhardt/Brian Gore See You in the Morning International Guitar Night VI (v/a)* Buy From Amazon
1:05:50 Jon Durant and Colin Edwin Arcing Towards Morning Burnt Belief Buy From Amazon
1:13:39 George Winston Cloudy This Morning A Quiet Revolution (v/a) Buy From Amazon
1:16:14 Todd Boston Sunday Morning Alive Buy From Amazon
1:20:36 Hammock Disappear Like the Morning Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo Buy From Amazon
1:25:11 Sound Tribe Sector 9 By the Morning Sun Artifact Buy From Amazon
1:28:33 Manual Morning Glass 1982 Drowned in Light Buy From Amazon
1:34:24 Paul Adams Sunrise from a Pixelated Valley A View from the Plain Buy From Amazon
1:40:06 Paul Winter Night Into Dawn Prayer for the Wild Things Buy From Amazon
1:44:24 Phil Keaggy/Jeff Johnson Morning on Singing Hills Frio Suite Buy From Amazon
1:50:32 Steve Hackett Spectral Mornings Spectral Mornings Buy From Amazon
1:56:57 Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi Morning Fog Rome Buy From Amazon
1:58:56 Michael Shrieve & David Beal Unspeakable Dawn The Big Picture Buy From Amazon
2:05:36 Stephen Bacchus Music for the Morning of the World Pangaea Buy From Amazon
2:12:34 Night Ark Lullaby for the Sun In Wonderland Buy From Amazon
2:17:30 Trevor Gordon Hall Morning Sidewalk Finding My Way Buy From Amazon
2:21:52 Cam Newton Morning of the Gypsy King Ipso Facto Buy From Amazon
2:25:01 Itammar Erez & The Adama Ensemble Morning Song Desert Song Buy From Amazon
2:29:32 R. Carlos Nakai Alpine Dawn Sanctuary Buy From Amazon
2:34:08 Vic Hennegan Morning Star Desert God Buy From Amazon
2:40:21 Blow Up Hollywood Just Before Dawn Fake Buy From Amazon
2:43:15 Lunasa Morning Nightcap Lunasa with the RTE Concert Orchestra Buy From Amazon
2:47:28 Jeremy Kittel The May Morning Dew Chasing Sparks Buy From Amazon
2:50:10 Martin Simpson Bright Morning Stars/Watch the Stars A Closer Walk with Thee Buy From Amazon
2:55:08 Tommy Emmanuel Morning Aire Endless Road Buy From Amazon

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