Wordless Echoes – Six String Sojourn

Six hours hours of uninterrupted instrumental music based around the guitar.

Wordless Echoes-Six String SojournWordless Echoes – Six String Sojourn

Six hours of continuous instrumental soundscape based around the guitar. It includes new music from Jesse Cook, Hammock, and Eric Tingstad, along with classic tracks from Pat Metheny, Steve Hillage, and Michael Hedges.

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Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Eric Tingstad Tennessee Rain
0:03:04 Bruce Becvar Chrysalis
Forever Blue Sky
0:07:14 Jesse Cook Once
One World
0:12:05 Michael Spriggs Basso Profundo
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0:16:30 Hammock Sleep
Oblivion Hymns (Deluxe Edition)
0:22:28 Leo Abrahams Daughter of Persuasion The Grape and the Grain
0:27:56 Erik Wollo Road Guitar Nova
0:32:05 Scott Moulton Icicles
Light on the Mountain
0:35:32 Alex Schultheiss The Sky Breaks Open Departures
0:41:02 David Gilmour Then I Close My Eyes On An Island
0:46:23 Bill Walker & Erdem Helvacioglu Pegasus and Black Coffee Fields and Fences
0:48:53 I Think Like Midnight Echo Celeste Warm Seclusion Structure
0:52:38 Lanterna Island Lake
0:57:15 Robert Fripp Midnight Blue A Blessing of Tears
1:03:10 Jeff Pearce A Clear Night With Evening Above
1:06:49 Kaki King Oobleck
The Neck is a Bridge to the Body
1:10:56 Preston Reed 600 Tiny Time Pills Instrument Landing
1:13:21 Al Di Meola Stephanie
1:19:45 Ralph Towner Anthem Anthem
1:24:30 Nels Cline Prayer Wheel Coward
1:29:27 David Franklin Sunlit Mornings (with Michael Manring)
Playing with Shadows
1:35:18 Darin Mahoney Alger Street In the Grain
1:41:35 William Coulter & Benjamin Verdery How Great is the Pleasure
Song for our Ancestors
1:45:22 David Cullen Chanson Montreal Guitar Travels
1:49:12 Pino Forastiere This Age Deconstruction
1:54:57 Dif Juz The Last Day Extractions
1:58:50 Bill Frisell The Music of Glen Deven Ranch Big Sur
2:02:30 Steve Tibbetts Three Primates YR
2:07:26 Michael Hewett Star Michael Hewett
2:11:38 California Guitar Trio Cathedral Peak Andromeda
2:15:52 Tristeza Cholo Paisajes
2:20:20 Fripp & Eno Evening Star Evening Star
2:27:43 Dan Ar Bras The Sea’s Lament Music for the Silences to Come
2:33:22 Steve Hillage Four Ever Rainbow Rainbow Dome Musick
2:52:57 Ashra Midnight on Mars Blackouts
2:59:03 Daevid Allen & Harry Williamson Twenty Two Meanings (edit) Twenty Two Meanings – The Art of Glissando Guitar
3:04:40 Daniel Lanois White Mustang II Acadie
3:07:23 William Ackerman Slow Motion Roast Beef Restaurant Seduction In Search of the Turtle’s Navel
3:10:48 David Pritchard Light Between Oceans Among the Missing
3:16:14 Dominic Miller Shavasana Ad Hoc
3:21:02 Strunz & Farah Tavoos
Moods and Visions
3:26:20 Sanjay Mishra Passage into Dawn Blue Incantation
3:33:28 Michael Brook Urbana
Cobalt Blue
3:37:28 Rob Eberhard Young Trance Dance Sticks and Stones
3:41:17 David Helpling Soul of a Child Sleeping on the Edge of the World
3:46:36 Badi Assad Butterfly Chameleon
3:51:17 Peppino D’Agostino & Stef Burns Inner Sanctuary Bayshore Road
3:55:58 John Fahey Sunflower River Blues The Best of John Fahey 1959-1977
3:59:12 Alex DeGrassi Thirty-six Clockwork
4:05:38 Durutti Column Royal Infirmary Circuses and Bread
4:09:54 Pat Metheny Last Train Home One Quiet Night
4:14:20 Tim Farrell A Ping in the Universe
4:20:00 Pierre Bensusan Sentimentales Pyromaniacs Altiplanos
4:22:37 One Alternative Lost & Found Pendulum
4:27:06 Peter Janson Binnacle Dream Logic: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 16 (v/a)*
4:31:07 Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries Aerial Boundaries
4:35:45 Glenn Jones Bergen County Farewell
Ricochets: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 20
4:39:20 LAGQ Along the Edge Air and Ground
4:46:25 John McLaughlin My Bells Time Remembered
4:49:41 Andrew York Pine Cove Denouement
4:52:02 J.D. Minier Winter Rose Indian Summer
4:59:30 Peter Jack Rainbird Ariel Unravel: The Extended Suites
5:09:35 Richard Pinhas Home/Ruitor East West
5:13:23 Paul Speer Helion Prime Ax Inferno
5:18:14 Joaquin Lievano Rainforest Dance Ecologie
5:24:51 John Abercrombie Timeless Timeless
5:36:42 Andy McKee My Life as a CPA Echo Location: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 17 (v/a)*
5:41:26 Thinh We’re Still Soldiers Acoustic Rain
5:46:47 Carl Weingarten Sundial Life Under Stars
5:50:42 Mark Dwane Baktun Cycle 2012