Wordless Echoes – A Global Village Symphony

Wordless Echoes – A Global Village Symphony

Echoes has always explored musical traditions from around the world. In this six-hour, continuous soundscape, we construct a symphony with movements from around the globe.   

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Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc
0:00:00 Anouar Brahem January Souvenance Buy From Amazon
0:07:06 Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek Sweet Trouble Beyond the Sky Buy From Amazon
0:12:14 Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman Mahatma Winds of Samsara Buy From Amazon
0:17:37 Forrest Fang Seven Coronas Letters to the Farthest Star Buy From Amazon
0:24:34 Jalan Jalan Firefly Sanctuary Bali Buy From Amazon
0:31:28 Sinikka Langeland The Woodcock’s Flight The Half-Finished Heaven Buy From Amazon
0:37:14 Fernwood Vision at Vasquez Rocks Arcadia Buy From Amazon
0:40:54 Ancient Future Socha Socha Planet Passion Buy From Amazon
0:50:58 Huayucaltia Chasqui Caminos Buy From Amazon
1:00:27 Baka Beyond Ngombi Spirit of the Forest Buy From Amazon
1:05:15 Ablaye Cissoko/Volker Goetze Fleuve Amanke Dionti Buy From Amazon
1:09:02 Paul Juba Mueller Floating on Land Floating on Land Buy From Amazon
1:18:17 Rupam Sarmah Power Omkara: The Sound of Divine Love
1:25:14 Sanjay Mishra Loop 5 Lamplighter Buy From Amazon
1:29:31 U. Srinivas Mamallapuram Samjanitha
1:34:06 Rajendra Teredesai The Road to Byblos Crosswinds-World Flute Conversations
1:41:54 Air Craft So Near So Far So Near So Far
1:47:50 Sorma Satie’s Sari Mirage of the East Buy From Amazon
1:53:21 Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic Meditations Blue Landscapes Buy From Amazon
2:01:30 R. Carlos Nakai Mysteries Past Canyon Trilogy
2:04:17 Sven Grunberg Going Milarepa
2:09:55 Stephan Micus Part 1 Twilight Fields Buy From Amazon
2:17:56 Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn Departure Departure Buy From Amazon
2:37:58 Djivan Gasparyan Don’t Make Me Cry Moon Shines at Night Buy From Amazon
2:42:53 Jon Hassel Charm (Over Burundi Cloud) Fourth World vol.1 Possible Musics Buy From Amazon
3:04:05 Uakti Tree of Life Uakti Buy From Amazon
3:09:03 Mickey Hart Mysterious Island Planet Drum Buy From Amazon
3:14:05 Yo-Yo Ma Battle Remembered Silk Road Journeys – Beyond the Horizon Buy From Amazon
3:17:54 Damian Dragici Day of Dreams Gypsy Journey
3:21:02 Mundi El Camino (a Finisterre) My House is the Sky Buy From Amazon
3:28:13 Hans Christian Dark Night (Instrumental) Rumi Symphony Buy From Amazon
3:45:13 Axiom of Choice A Walk by the Lake Niya Yesh Buy From Amazon
3:51:27 Anoushka Shankar Solea Rise Buy From Amazon
3:58:43 Hariprasad Chaurasia Timeless Now
4:03:22 Trisan May Yo I Trisan
4:09:11 Opu 5 Onze Gotas The New Sound of Brazil
4:12:40 Yagull Los Pajaros Films Buy From Amazon
4:15:42 Gustavo Santaolalla Seguir Camino Buy From Amazon
4:19:17 Toumani Diabate & Sidiki Diabate Hamadoun Toure Toumani and Sidiki Buy From Amazon
4:24:28 Bill Walker and Erdem Helvacioglu Pegasus and Black Coffee Fields and Fences
4:26:58 Karsh Kale Milan Liberation Buy From Amazon
4:35:48 Hiroki Okano Circle .jp Buy From Amazon
4:41:30 Ali Akbar Khan The Emperor Garden of Dreams Buy From Amazon
4:52:35 Wu Man Arirang Our World in Song (An Odyssey of Musical Treasures) Buy From Amazon
4:55:33 Jai Uttal A Distant Episode Monkey Buy From Amazon
5:01:30 Foday Musa Suso Moving Shadow The Dreamtime
5:07:12 Asiabeat Pao Bao Spirit of the People Buy From Amazon
5:11:07 David Parsons Varuna Ghat Yatra Buy From Amazon
5:18:11 Luis Perez Sleeping Woman Tales of Astral Travelers Buy From Amazon
5:23:32 The Guo Brothers & Shung Tian My Second Life Yuan Buy From Amazon
5:28:14 Inkuyo Danza Chiriguana Temple of the Sun (Music of the Andes)
5:31:08 Trance Mission Sunrise Meanwhile Buy From Amazon
5:36:01 Forrest Fang The Unreachable Lands III: Water Village Letters to the Farthest Star Buy From Amazon
5:42:51 John Wubbenhorst Happy Journey Bansuri Dreams
5:47:32 Afro Celt Sound System Deep Channel Seed Buy From Amazon
5:54:15 Bombay Dub Orchestra Mumtaz Bombay Dub Orchestra Buy From Amazon