Wordless Echoes – Heart and Soul pt 1

 Two three-hour, continuous, worldess soundscapes that will touch your heart and soul.

Part One features music by Carl Weingarten, Ludovico Einaudi, Alex Cline, Hans Christian, Al Di Meola, and many more.

Part two features music by Liz Story, Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo, Robert Rich, Vangelis, and many more.

Wordless Echoes – Heart and Soul – pt 1

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Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc
0:00:00 Ludovico Einaudi Time Lapse (Dot Major Remix) In a Time Lapse (The Remixes) Buy From Amazon
0:05:42 Ben Cosgrove Montreal Song Field Studies Buy From Amazon
0:10:16 Yoshida Brothers Mr. Nagano’s Foolish Proposal Prism Buy From Amazon
0:14:13 Gretchen Yanover Waves Wash Over Us Waves Wash Over Us Buy From Amazon
0:19:14 Tracy Silverman Riff in 11/8 Trip to the Sun Buy From Amazon
0:25:47 Richard Leo Johnson Reverse Engineering Celeste Buy From Amazon
0:28:11 Erik Scott Weightless And the Earth Bleeds Buy From Amazon
0:31:55 Carl Weingarten Mr. Sundance Life Under Stars Buy From Amazon
0:37:50 Autumn’s Child The Distance Between Progressive World Buy From Amazon
0:43:42 Peter Ross Moon Luminous Primitive Heart Buy From Amazon
0:50:30 Steve Tibbetts Glass Everywhere A Man About A Horse Buy From Amazon
0:54:17 Alex Cline Rose Window Sparks Fly Upward Buy From Amazon
1:05:32 David Pritchard Light Between Oceans Among the Missing Buy From Amazon
1:10:54 Jai Uttal A Distant Episode Monkey Buy From Amazon
1:16:50 Al Di Meola Perpetual Emotion World Sinfonia Buy From Amazon
1:20:15 Richard Searles Magical Creatures Magical Creatures Buy From Amazon
1:25:13 Michael Mandrell Ode to Stella Gazara Returning and Returned
1:30:32 Sorma Satie’s Sari Mirage of the East Buy From Amazon
1:36:02 Roger O’Donnell Changing Songs from the Silver Box Buy From Amazon
1:42:51 Rachel’s The Mysterious Disappearance of Louis LePrince Selenography Buy From Amazon
1:46:44 Future Loop Foundation Sunshine Philosophy The Fading Room: Memories and Remixes Buy From Amazon
1:50:44 Michael Danna & Tim Clement Cootes Paradise North of Niagara Buy From Amazon
1:56:21 Steve Hillage Four Ever Rainbow Rainbow Dome Musick Buy From Amazon
2:16:28 Thomas Ronkin Balance Within: Distance Buy From Amazon
2:26:30 Pan Electric When You Are Loved Conscious Pilot Buy From Amazon
2:31:25 Kit Watkins World Fiction 6 World Fiction Buy from CDBaby
2:35:35 The Mermen Heart Beatitude The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show Buy From Amazon
2:38:54 Cluster & Eno Die Bunge Cluster & Eno Buy From Amazon
2:42:31 Hans Christian Incessant Heat Hidden Treasures Buy From Amazon
2:47:14 Dean DeBenedictis The Tech Atonement of Bilagana Salvaging the Past Buy From Amazon
2:55:00 Hiroki Okano Return of the Soul .jp Buy From Amazon