Wordless Echoes – The Outward Journey pt 1

Wordless Echoes – The Outward Journey – pt 1

Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc
0:00:00 Hiroki Okano Pacific (featuring Taco + Madee) .jp Buy From Amazon
0:08:14 Larkenlyre Songbird in the Morning Music of the Extraordinary Voyages Buy From Amazon
0:12:41 Montreal Guitar Trio Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso Der Prinz Buy From Amazon
0:15:36 Dixon’s Violin Free Time Jade Dragon Buy From Amazon
0:19:45 Forrest Fang The Windmill The Wolf at the Ruins/Migration Buy From Amazon
0:24:15 Forrest Fang The Luminous Crowd The Wolf at the Ruins/Migration Buy From Amazon
0:30:32 Amethystium Mesmerized Transience Buy From Amazon
0:35:21 Olivier Briand & Bertrand Loreau Interferences part4 Interferences
0:43:36 Cinema 12 Cinema Cinema 12 Buy From Amazon
0:48:18 Richard Bone Fractured Faith Redeemer Vertical Life Buy From Amazon
0:53:11 Steve Roach Sand Painting Spiral Meditations Buy From Amazon
1:03:59 Dan Pound Eros Thanatos Eros Thanatos More Info
1:11:17 Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai Envisioning Ritual Buy From Amazon
1:19:41 David Darling Irish Miles Balance Buy From Amazon
1:37:57 Matt Borghi and Michael Teager Awaken the Electric Air Awaken the Electric Air-Live from Star’s End October 20 2013 Buy From Amazon
1:47:23 Tycho Dye Awake Buy From Amazon
1:52:40 Bluetech Athena 13 Spacehop Chronicles Vol. 1 Buy From Amazon
1:58:24 Erothyme Thousand Hands of God Circadia More Info
2:04:10 Spoke of Shadows Accord Spoke of Shadows Buy From Amazon
2:06:35 David Torn Really Date You/He Changes/The Pact/Key to the Park That Awkward Moment Buy From Amazon
2:12:05 Green Isac Palomatronics Passengers Buy From Amazon
2:16:04 Tom Kerstens/G Plus Ensemble First Trip to Palatine Utopia Buy From Amazon
2:19:10 Stephen Caudel Wine Dark Sea part 1 – The Outward Journey Wine Dark Sea Buy From Amazon
2:40:28 Paul Speer Helion Prime Ax Inferno Buy From Amazon
2:45:21 Lars Leonhard Deeper Direction Passages – Framed by Nova (v/a)
2:52:14 North Atlantic Drift Elegy Resolven Buy From Amazon
2:57:11 Aphex Twin Rhubarb Selected Ambient Works vol 2 Buy From Amazon

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