Wordless Echoes – Field and Stream pt 2

Wordless Echoes – Field and Stream – pt 2

Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc
0:00:00 Muriel Anderson Ferryboat Crossing Nightlight Daylight Buy From Amazon
0:03:59 Hiroki Okano Green Stream Hearing There
0:08:48 Manual Blue Shibuya Dream Lost Days Open Skies and Streaming Tides Buy From Amazon
0:13:33 Ooze Quintessence (Spatialize remix) Where the Fields Never End – Revisited Buy From Amazon
0:18:14 Sounds Like Tree River Dragons – Confluminescence Mix River Through an Open Door More Info
0:23:16 Arc Slipstream Fracture Buy From Amazon
0:32:51 Steve Roach/Erik Wollo Stream of Thought pt 19 Stream of Thought Buy From Amazon
0:40:20 Nils Petter Molvaer Little Indian Streamer Buy From Amazon
0:44:36 Mychael Danna Across the River Water Buy From Amazon
0:50:06 Tim Clark Shadow River Tales of the Sun People Buy From Amazon
0:56:25 Patrick O’Hearn Magnificent River Beautiful World Buy From Amazon
1:01:58 Nathan Speir A Stream of Thought A Day of Poetry Buy From Amazon
1:06:54 Philip Aaberg Homecoming Field Notes Buy From Amazon
1:10:12 David Darling Sweet River 8 String Religion Buy From Amazon
1:16:52 Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim Story Downrivers Inlandish Buy From Amazon
1:21:03 Patrick Leonard Floating with Amos Rivers Buy From Amazon
1:27:20 Sumner McKane Small Canadian Mill Town Next to a Frozen River Select Visual History More Info
1:33:10 Bruce Cockburn The End of All Rivers Slice O’ Life Buy From Amazon
1:38:11 Paul Avgerinos River of Life Garden of Delight Buy From Amazon
1:44:10 Balmorhea The Summer Rivers Arms Buy From Amazon
1:47:57 Ronnda Cadle Waiting The River Runs Buy from CDBaby
1:50:05 Richard Leo Johnson Where the Rivers Meet Resonance:The Echoes Living Room Concerts vol 13 (v/a)
1:52:03 Ottmar Liebert The River The Scent of Light Buy From Amazon
1:59:30 Laliya Just Like River Just Like River
2:04:34 Forrest Fang Bridge of Chan Chou-Crossing the River Folklore Buy From Amazon
2:10:50 Uakti Purus River Aguas da Amazonas Buy From Amazon
2:18:31 Al Jewer River Crossing River Crossing Buy From Amazon
2:21:46 Gandalf River of Realization Gallery of Dreams Live Buy From Amazon
2:30:38 Stefano Battaglia Trio Minas Tirith The River of Anyder Buy From Amazon
2:37:55 Jonathan Elias American River American River Buy From Amazon
2:42:40 Michael Barry-Rec Streams in the Desert Streams in the Desert Buy from CDBaby
2:47:11 Jami Sieber The River Between Unspoken Buy From Amazon
2:52:58 Richard Ashe Blue Light on Rivers Transcendental Electric Buy from CDBaby
2:57:18 Acoustic Eidolon Asia Rains River of Fire Buy From Amazon


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