Wordless Echoes – Deep at Night pt 1

Wordless Echoes – Deep at Night – pt 1

Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc
0:00:00 Node Shinkansen West Node 2
0:10:52 Krusseldorf Reboot Jam Fractal World
0:16:42 Three Fields Walk Away Pioneerland More Info
0:21:18 Bvdub Don’t Cry Mamii Born in Tokyo
0:34:10 North Atlantic Drift Obsidian Flows Resolven Buy From Amazon
0:39:41 Hammock Then the Quiet Explosion Oblivion Hymns Buy From Amazon
0:46:00 Matt Borghi and Michael Teager Awaken the Electric Air Awaken the Electric Air
0:55:13 Erik Wollo Pathfinder Timelines Buy From Amazon
1:02:07 John Zorn Slaughterhouse Filmworks XVI-Workingman’s Death
1:10:10 Future Sound of London Environments part 1 Environments
1:30:36 Global Communication 9:39 76:14 Buy From Amazon
1:39:26 Global Communication 8:07 76:14 Buy From Amazon
1:47:11 Olan Mill Neutrino Hiraeth
1:52:25 David and Steve Gordon Sound Chakra pt 1 Chakra Balance: Healing Music for Meditation & Yoga Buy From Amazon
1:55:12 Fanger & Schonwalder feat. Cosmic Hoffman Cosmic Earshot
2:05:30 Divine Matrix Deep Blue Hydrosphere Buy From Amazon
2:12:03 Blow Up Hollywood Sky Blue Sky Blond Buy From Amazon
2:15:08 A Small Good Thing Someplace South of Here Slim Westerns Buy From Amazon
2:21:10 Shannon Hayden 1960s Black and White Solid State Cello
2:24:50 Carl Weingarten Panomorphia Panomorphia Buy From Amazon
2:36:10 Patrick O’Hearn The Lone Man Trust Buy From Amazon
2:39:24 Dante Bucci Reminiscence Kinesthesia Buy From Amazon
2:42:50 Mogwai Heard About You Last Night Rave Tapes Buy From Amazon
2:48:04 Mark McGuire Silent Weapons Along the Way Buy From Amazon
2:53:11 Michael Garrison The Search In the Regions of Sun Return and Beyond

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