Weekend April 26th, 27th & 28th-Echoes Program 1317A

Program Descriptions

Weekend April 26th, 27th & 28th
Echoes Program 1317A
Echoes Earth Day
We create an Earth day soundscape with music born from nature including Robert Rich’s Nest, Ariel’s Kalma’s Osmose, and Sleeping Forest’s Rise of Nature.
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00 Simon Emmerson/Richard Evans Mistle Thrush Fresh Handmade Sound:The Sound Bath (v/a)
0:06:00 Eugene Friesen Humpback Harmony In the Shade of Angels
0:09:38 Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams Prairie Suite Unnamed Lands
0:16:45 Sleeping Forest Rise of Nature Rise of Nature
0:25:44 Anthony Phillips King of the Mountains Private Parts and Pieces XI: City of Dreams
0:29:00 break
Second Half Hour
0:30:00 Phil Keaggy/Jeff Johnson Morning on Singing Hills Frio Suite
0:36:11 Apricot Rail Cicadas Part Two Quarrels
0:38:58 The Luyas Talking Mountains Animator
0:42:02 Robert Rich Seeking Eden Nest CD Baby
0:49:52 Wendy Goodwin Kaweah Basin Place of Refuge CD Baby
0:54:41 Lloyd Cole and Hans-Joachim Roedelius Pastoral Selected Studies Vol.1
0:59:00 break
Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Rick Heizman Earth Cries Peace Hard to Reach Places
0:06:00 Zingaia MerMade Earth Church
0:09:22 Wall Matthews Asleep Among the Stones and Moss The Dreaming Light CD Baby
0:13:13 Scott August Waiting for Rain Hidden Journey
0:20:42 Matthew Schoening Earth Elements CD Baby
0:29:00 break
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Paul Winter Cathedral Forest Earth Voices of a Planet
0:35:44 George Winston Cloudburst Plains
0:38:34 Jill Haley Tumbling Desert Waters Zion and Bryce Canyon Soundscapes CD Baby
0:42:43 Jennifer Zulli Dream of Bali Earth Lullaby CD Baby
0:46:01 Ariel Kalma Forest Ballad Osmose
0:49:56 Anawaty & Russell On the Beach Analog Universe CD Baby
0:54:36 Amberfern Lemon Grove Distant Horizon: Mediterranean