Tuesday January 15th-Echoes Program 1303B

Program Descriptions

Tuesday January 15th
Echoes Program 1303B
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00 Kaya Project Five Plus Eight  And So It Goes
0:06:00 Jon Durant and Colin Edwin Semazen  Burnt Belief CD Baby
0:10:06 Thomas Newman New Digs  Skyfall
0:12:33 Karsh Kale Milan  Liberation
0:21:23 Motionfield The Warmth  A Sort of Homecoming
0:29:00 break  
Second Half Hour
0:30:00 Interview: The Piano Guys
They’ve been lighting up YouTube with their inventive videos that reflect their eclectic mix of pop songs and classical music for piano and cello.  We talk to this 5-headed multi-media ensemble about classical music in the digital age.
0:37:46 break  
0:38:01 Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson Michael Meets Mozart  The Piano Guys
0:43:02 Dom La Nena No Meu Pais Ela
0:46:05 Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams Where the Trail Divides Unnamed Lands
0:50:20 Honeyroot Radiant  The Ambient Zone Just Music Café Vol. 4 (v/a)
0:59:00 break  
Third Half Hour
0:01:00 General Fuzz The Gorge  Miles Tones
0:06:00 Anawaty/Russell On the Beach  Analog Universe CD Baby
0:10:37 Shaman’s Dream Offerings  Prana
0:16:22 Chronotope Project Chrysalis  Chrysalis
0:29:00 break  
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Seti the First La Bassinette Noir Melting Calvary
0:33:21 Yagull Dark  Films
0:37:28 Trifonic Santa Rosa  Ninth Wave
0:43:28 Anthony Phillips Tuscan Wedding  Private Parts and Pieces XI: City of Dreams
0:46:35 break  
0:47:20 Jose Luis Monton Air  Solo Guitarra
0:50:30 Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk Costa Nova  Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk
0:54:04 Bryan Carrigan Into Light  Windows