Thursday September 27th-Echoes Program 1239D

Program Descriptions

Thursday September 27th
Echoes Program 1239D
New Music: The XX and Jeff Pearce

On the next Echoes we hear the downtempo dream pop of The XX. They have a new CD called Coexist. We’ll also hear new music from Jeff Pearce who’s CD, In the Season of Fading Light is painted in feather strokes.
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00 Winterlight Line of Flight  Hope Dies Last
0:06:00 BJ Cole Sublime 2:The Great Bear  Transparent Music 2
0:12:04 The XX Unfold  Coexist
0:14:42 Erik Wollo Time River Airborne
0:20:48 Nicholas Gunn Veracruz  Thirty-One Nights
0:24:52 The Album Leaf Under the Night  Forward/Return
0:29:00 break  
Second Half Hour
0:30:00 Montreal Guitar Trio The Mexican  Cambria CD Baby
0:35:54 Sonic Sanctuary Reach  Sunflower
0:39:24 Mike Wall Healing Touch  A Time for Healing CD Baby
0:44:45 break  
0:45:30 Terje Rypdal Better Off Without You  Odyssey-In Studio & In Concert
0:51:50 Marconi Union Always Numb  Different Colours
0:59:00 break  
Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Mark Dwane Lucid Dream  Archives 2 CD Baby
0:06:00 David Michael Morning Star  After the Rain CD Baby
0:11:47 Jeff Pearce In the Season of Fading Light  In the Season of Fading Light CD Baby
0:14:50 Meg Bowles Nocturnal Flight  A Quiet Light CD Baby
0:26:11 The Watermark High Slow Motion Clarity  Slow Motion Clarity CD Baby
0:29:00 break  
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Richard Ashe Euclid’s Elements  Blue Skyline CD Baby
0:34:14 Kouame Sereba and Erik Wollo Bako  Bako
0:38:08 Sync 24 Dance of the Droids Comfortable Void
0:44:32 break  
0:45:17 Fall on Your Sword Encounter at Pratt  Lola Versus (Original Motion Picture Score)
0:47:30 Wendy Goodwin Kaweah Basin  Place of Refuge CD Baby
0:52:19 Forrest York Travesty in Virgina  Rainy Season CD Baby