Monday, February 20th-Echoes Program 1208A


Monday, February 20th
and the weekend of Feb. 25th

Echoes Program 1208A
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00  Vangelis Good To See You  The City
0:06:00  Chinmaya Dunster Cloud Forest Sanctuary  Gaia’s Garden
0:10:51  David Belmont Along the Coastline  WindWater Portraits and Landscapes CD Baby
0:18:26  Geigertek Beauty in Decay  Soundtrack for City Living
0:29:00  break
Second Half Hour
0:30:00  Interview: Gary Numan Part I
He was both an icon and source of parody for his 1970s synthi-pop hit singles like “Cars.”  We go beneath the surface to hear a musician who created a sound that still resonates today.
0:38:01  break
0:38:16  Gary Numan & Tubeway Army Down in the Park  Replicas (Remastered)
0:42:32  Air Moon Fever Le Voyage Dans La Lune
0:45:49  Liftoff The Morning  Sunday Morning Airplay
0:49:02  Adrian Legg/Marco Pereira/Lulo Reinhardt/Brian Gore Asia  International Guitar Night VI (v/a)*
0:59:00  break
Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Marconi Union Sleepless  Distance
0:06:00  Northcape Clear Moment  Captured from Static
0:11:22  Dino Saluzzi and Anja Lechner Duetto  Ojos Negros
0:17:19  Sasha New Emissions of Light and Sound (edit)  The Emfire Collection: Mixed, Unmixed & Remixed
0:22:22  Coyote Oldman Mosaic Sky  Time Travelers
0:26:36  Craig Richey Ryan’s Second Thoughts Answers to Nothing OST
0:29:00  break
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Kronos Quartet The Beatitudes  Music of Vladmir Martynov
0:35:13  Ravid Calm Upon You  Ravid Hang
0:42:58  John Gregorius
and John Wineglass
Beginning  Hours CD Baby
0:47:10  break
0:47:55  David Wright Echoes of Air  In Search of Silence
0:53:07  Uwe Gronau Remarks You Made  Time Rider CD Baby