Monday, May 16th-Echoes Program 1120A

Monday, May 16th
and the weekend of May 21st

Echoes Program 1120A
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00 Laliya Just Like River Just Like River
0:06:00 Ian Boddy
and Parallel Worlds
Return Exit Strategy
0:15:20 Howard Ferré Turning Point  Journey’s End
CD Baby
0:20:25 Azam Ali Dandini  From Night to the Edge of Day
0:24:07 Thierry David Persuasion’s Dance  The Veil of Whispers
0:29:00 break
Second Half Hour
0:30:00 Interview: The Forefathers
The Forefathers are a Florida band whose guitar-centric sound is based on the e-bow and delay techniques popularized by the Scottish group, Big CountryThe Forefathers’ all-instrumental music also embraces Americana with open-sky harmonica melodies.  We talk to this band about their latest CD, Aurora.
0:37:46 break
0:38:01 The Forefathers Evening Rain  Aurora
0:42:39 Michael Whalen Echoes of You  The Sea of Tranquility
0:49:10 Winterlight A Sky Full of Clouds Hope Dies Last
0:54:17 Moby The Low Hum Destroyed
0:59:00 break
Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Krusseldorf Orion  Bohemian Groove
CD Baby
0:06:00 Explosions in the Sky Be Comfortable, Creature  Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
0:14:32 Vicki Richards The Kiss  She Vanishes
0:19:08 Skuli Sverrisson Volumes (feat. David Thór Jónsson, Amedeo Pace, Eyvind Kang, Anthony Burr & Kristin Anna) Seria II
0:26:20 Sumner McKane Fannie Hardy Eckstorm In the Blood
0:29:00 break
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Ólafur Arnalds Gleypa Okkur (Swallow Us) …And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness
0:35:32 Grails Corridors of Power  Deep Politics
0:39:00 Tom Breiding Paradise Overture Beauty in Paradise
0:42:17 Divine Matrix Occam’s Razor  Invisible Landscapes
0:47:25 break
0:48:10 Richard Anthony Jay Epilogue Imperfect Beauty
0:52:45 Lia Ices Daphne  Grown Unknown