Wednesday, May 11th-Echoes Program 1119C

Wednesday, May 11th
Echoes Program 1119C
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00 General Fuzz Acclimate Resonance: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 13 (v/a)*
0:06:00 Sumner McKane I Waded Water,
I Couldn’t Go On Logs
In the Blood
0:08:31 Penguin Café Pale Peach Jukebox  A Matter of Life
0:13:27 Lia Ices Ice Wine  Grown Unknown
0:17:41 Robert Schroeder Galaxie Cygnus-A (excerpt)  Cygnus-A
CD Baby
0:29:00 break
Second Half Hour
0:30:00 Interview: The American Dollar
The American Dollar is a band, not a currency.  In a bedroom in Queens, John Emanuele and Rich Cupolo sculpt electronic and guitar dreamscapes that range from purely ambient to purely epic.  Their music has turned up in ads and TV shows like CSI.  We talk to The American Dollar about their music.
0:38:46 break
0:39:01 The American Dollar Time  Ambient One
0:44:05 Stephan Micus Passing Cloud  The Garden of Mirrors
0:49:10 Moby Rockets Destroyed
0:53:40 Leo Abrahams Daughter of Persuasion  The Grape and the Grain CD Baby
0:59:00 break
Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Green Isac Penguins Strings and Pottery
CD Baby
0:06:00 Ian Boddy
and Parallel Worlds
Return Exit Strategy
0:14:49 Divine Matrix Song for Vega  Invisible Landscapes
0:20:25 Mogwai Letters to the Metro  Hardcore Will Never Die,
But You Will
0:24:54 Tindersticks Le Rallye – Vedredi Soir  Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009
0:29:00 break
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Robbie Robertson Tango for Django  How To Become Clairvoyant
0:33:39 Fuhrs & Frohling Ammerland Ammerland
0:36:41 Alex De Grassi Turning Turning: Turning Back
0:39:27 Aaron White
and Anthony Wakeman
Tales on the Canyon Walls Handprints Of Our People
0:43:18 break
0:44:03 David Arkenstone Liquid Sky  Ambient.World
0:51:53 Dustin O’Halloran A Great Divide  Lumiere