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  • Surface Noise_Cover

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016-Echoes Program 1606C

    New music from the English band, yndi halda whose name might be Nordic for “Enjoy Eternal Bliss” or it might be Icelandic for “Keep Relish” and Jennifer O'Connor whose name means business. →

  • Fang-Sleepwalkers

    Tuesday, February 9th, 2016-Tuesday, February 9th

    Forrest Fang started out as a violinist, but somewhere along the path he turned towards the weird, picking up instruments from around the world like the Chinese gu cheng, the Turkish lavta lute Vietnamese dan bau, Tibetan bells and more. →

  • Eno-Contact-Discreet-550

    Monday, February 8th, 2016-Echoes Program 1606A

    Forty years ago, no one ever suspected that Brian Eno’s ambient works would make such beautiful vehicles for acoustic ensembles. Yet, Music for Airports and Apollo-Atmospheres and Soundtracks have been magnificently covered by acoustic ensembles, Bang on a Can All-Stars and Icebreaker respectively. →

  • slowflowfriday

    Friday, February 5th, 2016-Echoes Program 1605E

    Coming up on a Slow Flow Echoes it’s music from guitarist Jeffrey Seeman. You probably haven’t heard of him but he’s a slide guitarist and has a new album produced by Will Ackerman called Everything in Between. →

  • John Heart Jackie

    Thursday, February 4th, 2016-Echoes Program 1605D

    Coming up on Echoes it’s new music by John Heart Jackie. They actually spell out the “heart” part of that. They have a beautiful album of dream pop called Episodes. →

Wordless Echoes

Wordless Echoes is a non-stop, seamless journey into an instrumental music soundscape where your mind can wander. No lyric vocals, no announcer, no interviews, no ads and no underwriting, just three to six hours of uninterrupted music.


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Beyond Echoes

Beyond Echoes are music streams that travel the Echoes soundwaves, and sometimes venture further afield. You won’t have John’s mellifluous hosting, but we hope you’ll enjoy these musical journeys.

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