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Wordless Echoes – Halloween 2018

Wordless Echoes – Halloween
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Kaya Project Soul Sanctuary Up From the Dust
0:01:28 James Hood Afterlife Mesmerica
0:06:41 Erik Scott The Wind Sings A Strange Song A Trick Of The Wind
0:10:40 David Arkenstone Parallel World Colors Of The Ambient Sky
0:16:20 Future Fire Dark Embodiment Shattered Light
0:18:14 Mac Quayle vengeance p4ct Mr Robot Vol 5
0:21:15 Liminal Drifter Stranger Things The Dreams
0:27:19 Jeff Greinke Before Sunrise Before Sunrise
0:38:54 All India Radio Monsters Space
Klangwelt The Incident The Incident
Banco De Gaia Burn The Witch The Ninth of Nine Hearts
Ron Boots Detachment of Worldly Affairs Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23 (v/a)
Chuck Van Zyl From the Shade of the Recent Dead She Comes pt 3 Recitals 2
Eat Static The Gates Last Ship to Paradise
Johann Johannsson Children Of The New Dawn Mandy (OST)
Parallel Worlds Blacktime Tonal Paintings
John Carpenter The Thing Movie Themes 1974-1998
Orbital Monsters Exist Monsters Exist
I Think Like Midnight Ghost Loads Kompromat EP
Adam Werner Early Mourning Passage Deep
Byron Metcalf Mirrors Of Perception Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II
Vangelis Heaven and Hell pt2 Heaven and Hell
Fiona Joy Story of Ghosts Story of Ghosts
Tom Caufield Hidden with the Slain Wash the Dusk with Silver
John Carpenter They
Movie Themes 1974-1998
Tangerine Dream Stranger Things (Main Theme) Particles
– Muon
Ogre & Dalla Campbell Graveside Night
of the Living Dead (rescored)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Walkin’ in Hawkins Stranger
Things volume 2
Carl Craig Darkness Versus
Frore & Shane Morris Anima Eclipse
Ian Boddy The
Above So Below
Steve Roach Unseen Hand Spiral
Deborah Martin Watchers Eye
of the Wizard
Dungen Haxan
– Versions by Prins Thomas
IAMX Hysteria Unfall
Jeff Greinke Rolling
Black Cloud
Dean Hurley Girl
Appears/Black Smoke
Peaks Season 3
Bear McCreary Fugue in Z-Minor Chillerama Presents Zom-B Movie
The Greatest Hoax As
the Light Dims
The Wimshurst’s Machine Moonshadows pt 2 Secret
Christopher Tignor Shapeshifting Along
a Vanishing Plane
Mark Dwane UFOlogy UFOlogy
Tangerine Dream Fay Bewitching the Moon Edgar
Allen Poe’s The Island of the Fay
Ben Neill The
Other Side of Midnight
Twilight Archive The
Divining Rod
Bryan Carrigan Enchanted
Into Winter
Aetopus Apostasy When
Bachir Attar Full Moon at the Window The
Next Dream
Frore & Shane Morris Orison Blood
Tuu & Nick Parkin Ghosts in the Landscape Terma
Saul Stokes Greys Outfolding
Ghost Harmonic Green Thought in a Green Shade Codex
Patrick O’Hearn Devil’s Lake ndigo
Picture Palace Music Ligeias Wake Symphony
for Vampires
William Orbit You Know Too Much About Flying Saucers Hello
Mark Isham No Such Thing As Monsters Crash
Carol Tatum Voyage Of The Sea Witch Music
for Harp
Shulman The Unexpected Visitor Quality
Relaxation -va
zerO One Rob0ts Psy-Fi
Picture Palace Music Array Of Fadin’ Flowers Symphony
for Vampires
Gert Emmens The Warlock Returns The Tale of the Warlock
Atomic Skunk Ghosts and Angels Alchemy
Hammock Dust Is The Devil’s Snow Chasing
After Shadows…Living With The Ghosts
Ulrich Schnauss A Ritual In Time And Death A
Long Way To Fall


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Wordless Echoes – Halloween

We explore the dark side on an Echoes Halloween Scream Stream. We’ll hear a four-hour uninterrupted soundscape exploring the worlds of ghosts, witches, warlocks, spirits and the supernatural, featuring music by Dead Can Dance, Bat for Lashes, Hammock, John Carpenter, Radiohead, and many more. Hear it here

An Echoes Halloween Soundscape
Start Time Group Name Song Title Album Name
0:00:00 Mark Snow The X-Files Theme [Original Version] The X-Files Theme
0:03:44 Richard Burmer The Serum Mosaic
0:09:55 Dead Can Dance De Profundis Spleen and Ideal
0:13:45 Flock Of Dimes Apparition If You See Me Say Yes
0:17:50 Mark Shreeve The Stand Legion
0:23:04 The Mynabirds Hanged Man Lovers Know
0:28:25 Polly Fae Carry The Spell Dreamwalkers
0:30:45 David Arkenstone Visitors Colors Of The Ambient Sky
0:35:51 Bat For Lashes The Hunger Lost Girls
0:40:37 Thom Yorke Suspirium Suspiria (music for the Luca Guadagnino Film)
0:43:38 Ian Boddy The Thaumaturge As Above So Below
0:49:19 Banco De Gaia Burn the Witch The 9th of Nine Hearts
0:54:10 Witchcraft We Rest As I Hide
0:58:13 Deborah Martin The Alchemist’s Robe Eye of the Wizard
1:02:45 Hammock Dust Is The Devil’s Snow Chasing After Shadows…Living With The Ghosts
1:08:30 Coldplay Midnight Ghost Stories
1:13:12 John Carpenter The Thing Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998
1:16:44 Mazmoneth Spooks Music By Mirrors
1:22:22 Ben Neill The Other Side Of Midnight Horizonal
1:28:33 Patrick O’Hearn Devil’s Lake Indigo
1:33:40 Olivier Libaux Burn the Witch (feat. Clare Manchon) Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age
1:36:02 Radiohead Burn The Witch A Moon Shaped Pool
1:39:38 Orbital Monsters Exist Monsters Exist
1:45:16 Azam Ali Phantoms Phantoms
1:51:36 Dungen Haxan Haxan: Versions by Prins Thomas
1:59:22 Darshan Ambient Ghosts Of Africa Dream In Blue
2:03:25 Still Corners Lost_Boys Dead Blue
2:07:26 Enigma Agnus Dei The Fall of a Rebel Angel
2:11:10 Delerium Ghost Requiem Mythologie
2:16:21 Marconi Union Sleeper Ghost Stations
2:24:00 Azure Ray The Devil’s Feet Hold On Love
2:26:14 Dead Can Dance Psychopomp Dionysus
2:29:33 Eat Static Eerie Nothingness Last Ship to Paradise
2:37:28 Chad Lawson Who’s There Home Sweet Home:The Lore Variations
2:44:08 Deborah Martin Watchers Eye of the Wizard
2:48:56 Alu Circus Cosmos Lobotomy Sessions
2:53:12 Fresh Snow Mass Graves Dance Caves One
2:58:17 All India Radio The Shining Darkness Eternal
3:02:03 Rise Burnt Offerings Strangers
3:08:15 Carter Burwell Supernatural Darkness Howl (Original Motion Picture Score)
3:10:00 Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Stranger Things Stranger Things Vol.2
3:14:54 Ultimate Spinach Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess Ultimate Spinach
3:22:56 Frostlake Ghost Hotel Ice & Bone
3:27:12 Erik Scott The Wind Sings A Strange Song A Trick Of The Wind
3:31:03 Mark Shreeve Legion Legion
3:36:17 Hungry Lucy Pulse Of The Earth Pulse of the Earth
3:41:15 Gert Emmens The Warlock Returns The Tale of the Warlock
3:51:30 William Orbit You Know Too Much About Flying Saucers Waveforms
3:56:16 Ballet Mech Organ Donor Graveyards
3:59:07 The Doors End Of The Night The Doors


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Wordless Echoes – 30 Icons for 30 Years of Echoes

For our last celebration of Echoes’ first 30 years, we’ve selected the 30 Icons of Echoes. These are the artists who have informed the show over our first 30 years. We started with the 25 Icons from our 25th Anniversary, and polled the listeners of Echoes, asking for suggestions for additions to the list. After compiling votes from the poll, we added some new artists, and made some adjustments to the list. New additions include Olafur Arnalds, Agnes Obel, Mike Oldfield, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre.

In this Wordless Echoes stream, we count down the list, hearing one piece from each musician, starting with #30, and ending up at the #1 Icon of Echoes.

Wordless Echoes: 30 Icons for 30 Years of Echoes
0:00:00 George Winston Colors/Dance Autumn
0:09:59 Kitaro Earth In Bloom Sacred Journey of Kukai 1
0:17:33 Will Ackerman The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit Pure
0:22:57 Hammock Disappear Like The Morning… Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo
0:27:38 Olafur Arnalds inconsist re:member
0:32:06 Agnes Obel Riverside Philharmonics
0:35:49 Brian Eno & Harold Budd The Pearl The Pearl
0:38:46 Erik Wøllo Reflections Images Of Light
0:42:36 Patrick O’Hearn Northwest Passage So Flows the Current
0:46:42 Peter Gabriel I Grieve Up
0:53:55 Ulrich Schnauss Negative Sunrise No Further Ahead Than Today
0:58:06 Krraftwerk The Man Machine The Man Machine
1:03:28 Michael Hedges Ritual Dance Taproot
1:05:28 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene Part IV Oxygene
1:09:15 Robert Fripp String Quintet Hope The Bridge Between
1:14:42 Ludovico Einaudi Divenire Divenire
1:21:18 Pat Metheny Orchestrion (Edit) Orchestrion
1:28:26 Moby Inside Play
1:33:11 Loreena McKennitt Between The Shadows The Visit
1:36:38 Mike Oldfield The Song of the Sun Voyager
1:41:01 Enya Ebudæ Shepherd Moons
1:42:51 Robert Rich Lifeblood Propagation
1:47:23 Steve Reich Section 1 Music For 18 Musicians
1:51:08 Vangelis Pulstar Albedo 0.39
1:56:37 Klaus Schulze Bayreuth Return Timewind [Disc 1]
2:26:55 Philip Glass Primacy Of Number Naqoyqatsi
2:33:42 Dead Can Dance The Song Of The Sibyl Memento
2:37:17 Tangerine Dream Phaedra Phaedra
2:47:40 Steve Roach The Continent Dreamtime Return
2:52:02 Brian Eno Becalmed Another Green World

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