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Wordless Echoes: Winter Winds

Three hours of continuous instrumental music, with sparkling bell tones and icy winds, evoking the feeling of a winter day – or night.

Wordless Echoes – Winter Winds
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Erik Wollo Low Winter Closing Theme/Exit Music Cinematic
0:04:55 Darshan Ambient Snowflake Lingering Day: Anatomy of a Daydream
0:09:45 Mark Peters Windy Arbor Innerland
0:04:18 The Haiku Project Breeze Nebula
0:20:10 Will Ryan Celtic Air Gratitude
0:29:38 Gretchen Yanover Heart and Sky Bridge Across Sound
0:33:20 Ascendant Gardens of Light Particle Horizon
0:40:27 Saul Stokes Ever Encountered Local Crowd
0:48:43 Michael Bruckner The Fountain The Child and the Sun Trees of Olivanda
0:54:30 Gustaf Fjelstrom Devotion Epilogue
0:56:41 Jeff Pearce Sun on Frost From the Darker Seasons
0:59:06 Christen Lien Horizon Elpis
1:01:50 Eat Static Eerie Nothingness Last Ship to Paradise
1:09:07 Evadez Synthetic Life in Wires
1:13:42 Larkenlyre Aeterna Omnia
1:20:32 Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer Tides of Time Let There Be Light
1:25:32 Hiroki Okano Garden of Wind Return to the Soul
1:29:31 Poppy Ackroyd Quail Resolve
1:33:54 Frore & Shane Morris Calling Down the Sun Eclipse
1:42:37 The Amnis Initiative Incitation Cinematic
1:51:17 Steve Roach Finger on the Pulse Spiral Revelation
2:00:44 Pauline Anna Strom Gossamer Silk Trans Millenia Music
2:06:15 Philip Aaberg Dream Train Versatile
2:11:25 The American Dollar Wudao Wudao (Single)
2:15:50 Matt Pond PA Curtains and Eyelids More Winter Lives
2:18:49 Camille Nelson Be Still My Soul Lead Me Home
2:22:50 Tom Caufield Sunken Cathedrals Forging the Moonlight
2:30:05 Michelle Qureshi Angels Seventh Wave
2:33:27 Chuck van Zyl September Cemetery MemorySpace
2:45:21 Klaus Schulze Crystal Lake Mirage
3:14:07 Tomita Snowflakes Are Dancing Snowflakes are Dancing

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Wordless Echoes: Snow Angels

Wordless Echoes: Snow Angels
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Pantha du Prince The Winter Hymn The Triad
0:04:24 Richard Souther Five Corners You Can’t Hold Back the Morning
0:06:55 Tom Eaton Midnight Clouds and the Great Bear Indesterren
0:13:36 Burnt Belief More Snow Emergent
0:19:37 Pan Electric A Winter’s Walk Conscious Pilot
0:23:19 Bruno Bavota Snow Out of the Blue
0:27:15 Bryan Carrigan Snow Day Fall Into Winter
0:30:08 Ludovico Einaudi Night (featuring the Amsterdam Sinfonietta) Elements
0;35:18 Kent Macpherson As the Ice Fell We Became Light As the Ice Fell We Became Light
0:39:16 Winterlight A Sky Full of Clouds Hope Dies Last
0:44:22 Polaris White Horizon Way Out
0:52:12 Der Spyra Iceland Home Listening is Killing Clubs
1:01:58 Tom Caufield Frost on an Empty Field Nature and the Constant Illusion
1:06:31 Al DiMeola Midwinter Night Winter Nights
1:11;16 David Tolk I Saw Three Ships Christmas
1:15:02 Al Petteway & Amy White Breakin’ Up Christmas Winter Tidings
1:19:02 Mark O’Connor One Winter’s Night An Appalachian Christmas
1:23:43 One Alternative Night Meets Light Yet to Be
1:30:23 R. Carlos Nakai/William Eaton What Child is This-Greensleeves Winter Dreams
1:36:37 Sumner McKane First Winter At Plymouth Colony What A Great Place to Be
1:44:21 Chuck van Zyl September Cemetery MemorySpace
1:56:16 David Bordon The Coming of Winter Cayuga Night Music
2:02:15 Erik Wollo Crystal Bells 3 Crystal Bells
2:08:29 Max Richter Winter pts 2+3 Vivaldi The Four Seasons Recomposed by Max Richter
2:15:35 Peter Kater Winter Earth
2:24:40 Sherry Finzer & Mark Holland Sea of Stars Flute Flight
2:27:40 Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning Sussex Carol A Quiet knowing Christmas
2:30:44 Angels of Venice Little Drummer Boy Sanctus
2:35:52 Skala Ice Tundra
2:40:17 Phil Thornton Winter Solstice Solstice
2:48:05 Jonn Serrie Winter’s Chapel Tingri
2:54:14 Ken Elkinson Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella Christmas Ambient
2:58:12 David Arkenstone Angels in the Snow The Very Best of Celtic Christmas
3:01:55 Tracy Silverman O Holy Night A Windham Hill Christmas: I’ll Be Home for Christmas (v/a)
3:05:29 Al Petteway & Amy White Into the Light Winter Tidings
3:10:38 Will Ackerman The Green Trees of Winter A Windham Hill Christmas: The Night Before Christmas (v/a)
3:14:43 Steve Erquiaga Joy to the World A Windham Hill Christmas II (v/a)
3:18:24 John Surman Winter Elegy Saltash Bells
3:26:30 Phil Cunningham and Manus Lunny When the Snow Melts A Celtic Christmas (v/a)
3:30:20 Jeff Pearce Winter Waltz In the Season of Fading Light
3:35:10 Ottmar Liebert Pavane Winter Rose
3:39:19 Marconi Union Endless Winter A Lost Connection
3:46:38 The Piano Guys Carol of the Bells/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen A Family Christmas
3:49:49 The Terminal Orchestra Winter Song The Seasons
3:57:40 Pan Electric A Winter’s Walk Conscious Pilot
4:01:36 Robin Guthrie Warmed by the Winter Sun Emeralds
4:05:26 Seamus Egan The Day’s Last Light A Celtic Christmas II (v/a)
4:10:07 Michael Whalen Winter Blues You Are My Home
4:14:51 Gerry O’Beirne Winter Sun The Bog Bodies and Other Stories
4:20:57 Tracy Silverman/Thea Suits The Gathering A Winter’s Solstice Silver Anniversary (v/a)
4:24:24 Jeff Greinke Exploding White Stars Big Weather
4:28:22 Aerosol Let the Seasons Drift Airborne
4:34:50 Keola Beamer Keiki’s Dream A Winter Solstice Reunion (v/a)
4:37:58 Three Fields Arctic Home
4:44:15 Tim Story Of the Father’s Love Begotten A Winter’s Solstice III (v/a)
4:47:58 Gene Rabbai Jr Snow Yosemite Soundscapes
4:53:24 Jon Hopkins Cold Out There Opalescent
4:57:13 Kurt Riemann Arctic Light Gaia
5:02:25 Erik Wollo Solstice 1 Solstice (Special Remastered Version)
5:06:29 W.G. Snuffy Walden Moon Lake A Winter’s Solstice Silver Anniversary (v/a)
5:10:33 Mark Isham A Tale of Two Cities A Winter’s Solstice (v/a)
5:16:17 George Winston Waking in the Air Forest
5:23:44 Kristin Hoffmann Starlight Amazing Space
5:29:05 Michael Spriggs Wind on Drifts Winter Moon
5:33:54 Jerome Froese The Speed of Snow The Speed of Snow

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