Echoes Playlist

October 1-5, 2001

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of October 1-5, 2001.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday 10/01/01
Nana Simopoulos is a Greek musician whose roots in world fusion extend to work with trumpeter Don Cherry, bassist Charlie Haden and percussionist Nana Vasconcelos. Recording as Nana, she works sitar, cello, flutes, saraangi, didgeridoo and percussion into lush tapestries framed by her vocal chants. On her new album, DAUGHTERS OF THE SUN she honors her heritage with music from a theater production of "Antigone Through Time." In her Manhattan apartment, Nana reveals her global orchestrations.

Wednesday 10/03/01
Mars Lasar started out as a Keith Emerson inspired keyboard played from Australia. He's played on recordings by Seal and Herbie Hancock, and on countless soundtracks and commercials, but in recent years he's become a composer whose music is more about sound design than keyboard technique. On his latest album, KARMA (Paras) Lasar creates a global soundscape, drawing on instruments from Africa to Bali, all at the touch of a computer keyboard. In his studio in Los Angeles, we sample Mars Lasar's life journey.

Friday 10/05/01
Claude Chalhoub is a Lebanese born classical violinist who grew up under bombs, gunfire, and religious strife until he went to the Royal College of Music in London. His self-titled solo debut (Teldec) is a haunting refrain merging Indian, Middle Eastern and classical motifs. Chalhoub's mournful melodies are lent a cloudy, ambient atmosphere by producer Michael Brook. Claude Chalhoub and Michael Brook talk about their cross-cultural collaboration.

*denotes compilation 

ID#01-J07-00196 Monday October 1, 2001 (Echoes Program 32P)

First Half Hour
Nana Alluring Waltz Daughters of the Sun

Tito la Rosa El Munas The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

Mars Lasar Seventh Journey Karma

Rasa Gopinatha Devotion

Angels of Venice Sad Lisa Angels of Venice

Second Half Hour

Nana Ishe O Wa Daughters of the Sun

Robert Rich Tracery Gaudi

Eberhard Weber Concerto for Bass Endless Days

Skyedance Till October Labyrinth

Third Half Hour
Peter Kater/R.Carlos Nakai When Worlds Collide Through Windows & Walls

Alias Zone Phungue Lucid Dream

Brian Eno/J. Peter Schwalm Persis Drawn From Life

Kevin Keller Convergence Pendulum

Enam m'Anchelii m'Anchelii

Fourth Half Hour
Peter Janson The Ocean Under the Moon Sometimes From Here

Emo Mayock Lucky Thinker Playground

Mark Isham Tales From The Maiden Castalia

The Bionaut P. Bateman Lubricate your Livingroom

Bel Canto The Glassmaker Birds of Passage

Nicholas Gunn Flight of the Condor The Great Southwest

ID#01-J07-00197 Tuesday October 2 2001 (Echoes Program 40L)

First Half Hour
Sorma Satie's Sali Mirage of the East

Autumn's Child Yellow Field Storytelling

David Cullen/Michael Manring Wistful Thinking Equilibre

David Darling Prayer & Word Cello Blue

Stephanie Sante Gentle Speaks the Heart Inner Beauty

Second Half Hour
Jean Luc Ponty Lonely Among All Life Enigma

Epiphany Project Goth Epiphany Project

Edna Michell Reich: Duet Compassion

Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning On Scatha's Island The Enduring Story

Green Planet (Tibet) Bowl Games Les Chemins de la Sagesse
William Watson Garden of Zen Echoes LRC Vol 6*

Third Half Hour
Ira Stein Tributaries Spur of the Moment  
Paul Horn Shah Jahan Inside the Taj Mahal I & II

Ishq Yu Skydancing Nada Masala vol 2*  
Libera Vespera Luminosa
Erik Wollo Insula Wind Journey

R. Carlos Nakai/Amo Chip Dabney Apache Wind Edge of the Century

Fourth Half Hour
Gary Stroutsos Pacific Moon Reprise Pacific Moon

Ottmar Liebert Lush The Hours Between Night & Day

Paul Ellis Under the Waves a Sky of Water Into the Liquid Unknown

Kiyoshi Yoshida A Circle of Guilt Asian Drums 2

John Renbourn The Pelican The Black Balloon

Forrest Fang The Windmill The Wolf at The Ruins

ID#01-J07-00198 Wednesday October 3 2001 (Echoes Program 40M)

First Half Hour
Soulfood/Billy McLaughlin Duncan's Lullaby Guitar Meditations

Dean DeBenedictus Avenging Ill Fated Visions A Lone Reply

Loreena McKennitt Courtyard Lullaby The Visit

Cindy Combs Ke Welina Slack Key Lady

Michael Stearns The Last Feeling Storms

Second Half Hour
John Huling Night of the Mockingbird Under One Sky*

Blue Planet Corporation Mangrove Skydancing Nada Masala vol 2*
Ottmar Liebert Chi WaWa Beauty Opium

Eberhard Weber Nuit Blanche Endless Days

Ravi Shankar Sadhanipa Bridges

Third Half Hour
Mars Lasar Tara Karma

Maggie Sansone The Seeker Celtic Meditations

Kim Robertson Farewell to Stromness Dance to Your Shadow

Rasa Kabe Habe Bolo Union

Dweller at the Threshold Automatic Writing Ouroborus

Fourth Half Hour

Mars Lasar Great Beast of Wisdom Karma

Uakti Tapajos River Aguas da Amazonia
Baka Beyond Creation Sogo

Michael Spriggs She Was Only Without Words

ID#01-J07-00199 Thursday October 4 2001 (Echoes Program 40N)

First Half Hour
Steven Cragg Little People Discovery

Samite Having a Good Time Stars to Share

Kit Watkins The Infinity of Three The Gathering Set 2  
David Darling Children Cello Blue

Erik Wollo Open Land Wind Journey

Second Half Hour
Free System Projekt Faraday Pointless Reminder  
Ottmar Liebert Lush Euphoria

Coyote Oldman Iron Wood In Beauty I Walk  
Philip Boulding Spiral Suspension Harp

Michael Gulezian Whale in the Sky The Dare of an Angel

Third Half Hour
Tim Clement/Kim Deschamps Mer Douce Wolfsong Night

Paul Machlis The Early Morn The Bright Field

Anne Dudley Moments in Love A Different Light

Dan Crary Song of Makoraka-o Thunderstorm

Michael Stearns The Storm Storms

Fourth Half Hour
Tim Farrell Across the Northlands Songs from Clarowood

Peter Kater/R. Carlos Nakai Walk With Me Through Windows and Walls

Gregor Theelin Floating Beats QI Earth Rhythms

Mickey Hart Sky Water At the Edge

ID#01-J07-00200 Friday October 5 2001 (Echoes Program 40P)

First Half Hour
Claude Chalhoub Red Desert Claude Chalhoub

Carl Weingarten Come With Me Blue Faith

Nana Alluring Waltz Daughters of the Sun

Dadawa The Dry Season Yellow Children

Dweller at the Threshold Worlds Without End Ouroborus

Second Half Hour

Claude Chalhoub Melancholia Claude Chalhoub

George Wallace The Eternal Return Communion  
Ryuichi Sakamoto Energy Flow BTTB

Third Half Hour
Doug Smith The Rose and the Pearl Deep Heart

Giles Reaves Wunjo Wunjo
Pale 3 Opening The Princess and the Warrior

Ottmar Liebert Morning Arrival in Goa Viva

Rasa Hari Haraye Union

Fourth Half Hour
Peter Jensen The Ocean Under the Moon Sometimes From Here

Tom & Susan Wasinger Callisto Many Moons

Manuel Barrueco The Grand Passion Nylon & Steel
Jorge Reyes Ver Costas Nunca Oidas Bajo El Sol Jaguar
Kit Watkins The Upper Regions of Space The Gathering Set 1

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