Echoes Playlist July 2, 2001

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for July 2, 2001.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday 07/02/01
Ravi Shankar is the venerable Indian sitarist, an icon of Indian music. At age 81, he's just released a new live album, FULL CIRCLE (Angel). Anoushka Shankar is his 19 year old daughter. Studying at the feet of her father, she's become a master musician herself with two albums of music, ANOUSHKA and ANOURAG (Angel). The father and daughter talk about the art of the raga and a music spirit that moves from Hinduism to Goa Trance.

Tuesday 07/03/01
Zero One is the recording persona of Kevin Dooley, a reclusive electronic musician spinning out ambient designs from an anonymous loft above a car stereo and alarm installation company in the San Bruno, California. His recent album, PROTOTYPE 2 (Waveform), is a hypnotic and subtly humorous foray into Kevin's mindstate over the last few years. We take a seat in his Zero One Earth Headquarters and lift off.

Wednesday 07/04/01
Echoes celebrates the Fourth of July with a sound portrait of the country from the Maine coastline to Alaska's Aurora Borealis, The Blue Ridge Mountains to the Grand Canyon.

Friday 07/06/01
Back in 1972, a mysterious album called TIBETAN BELLS came out. It had no tunes or melodies, only a shimmering Aurora Borealis of sound. That album has just been released on CD for the First time ever. We'll talk to the man behind the bells, Henry Wolff.

*denotes compilation 

ID#01-J07-00131 Monday July 2, 2001 (Echoes Program 18N)


First Half Hour
Ravi Shankar Friar Park Tana Mana

Jalan Jalan Wari Bali Dua

Gary Sill What Ali Heard Spring is in the Poet  
Hans Christian Rapture Surrender

Second Half Hour

Ravi Shankar Gat in Dhamar Full Circle

Harold Budd The Room of Corners The Room

Patrick O'Hearn Panning the Sands So Flows the Current

Third Half Hour
Andreas Vollenweider Wolkenstein Echoes LRC Vol 5*

Robert Rich Whispers of Eden Propagation

Riley Lee Melting Snow Buddha's Dream

Epiphany Project Lockerbie Epiphany Project

Preston Reed What You Don't See Handwritten Notes

Fourth Half Hour
Al Petteway/Amy White Ghost on a Carousel Gratitude

Carol Tatum Voyage of the Sea Witch Music for Harp

Rajna Rajna Ishati

Green Isac Wasa Groundrush

Lisa Walker Mysticete Grooved Whale   
Dom F. Scab Crazy Trigonometry Binary Secrets   

ID#01-J07-00132 Tuesday July 3 2001 (Echoes Program 27L)

First Half Hour
Zero One Possibilities Prototype 2

Night Ark Offering Treasures

Ottmar Liebert Angel Little Wing

Carol Noonan Lagan Love Carol Noonan

Jeff Beck Blackbird Suspension You Had it Coming

Freeworm Dirt Bath Vegetation=Fuel

Second Half Hour

Zero One Search Prototype 2

Afr Celt Sound System Onwards Further in Time

Isador Love Chaconne Active Imagination

Third Half Hour
Nana Alluring Waltz Daughters of the Sun

Carol Tatum Parson's Farewell Music for Harp

Ait Radian 10000 Hz Legend

Eberhard Weber Concerto for Bass Endless Days

Liz Story Inside Out Windows*
Karen Tweed/Timo Alakotila The Land May Monday

Fourth Half Hour
Guy Kark Camel Song Canaan
Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries Touch*

Dadawa The Unknown Father Yellow Children

Alias Zone Sunday 2 AM Lucid Dreams

Brian Eno/J. Peter Schwalm More Dust Drawn from Life

ID#01-J07-00133 Wednesday July 4 2001 (Echoes Program 27M)
ARTIST                        SELECTION RECORDING

American Landscapes

First Half Hour-The Northwest
Gary Stroutsos Silent Wave Pacific Moon

Michael Gettel Summer Rain San Juan Suite

Carl Weingarten Redwood Lullaby Redwood Melodies

Tony Elman Port Townsend Waltz Earth Tones

Mars Lasar Vision Quest The Music of Olympic National Park

Kurt Riemann Aurora Alaska

Second Half Hour-The Southwest
Ralf Illenberger Sedona Sedona

Steve Roach/Roger King Gone West Dust to Dust

Dean Evenson Desert Dawn Sound Healing

Nicholas Gunn Horseshoe Mesa The Great Southwest

Ken Bonfield Taos Homecoming

Bruce Kaphan High Desert Slider

Third Half Hour-The Mountains
One Alternative Boulder Sky Changes

J.D. Minier Mountain Rain Indian Summer
Scott Moulton Above Telluride Four Corners Suite

Wayne Gratz Scenes of Reflection Blue Ridge

Gary Remal Malkin The Journey Music of the Great Smoky Moutains

Fourth Half Hour-American Landscapes
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman/Nawang Aspen Wind In a Distant Place

Patrick Leonard The Lamar Valley Rivers

Tim Farrell Across the Northlands Songs from Clarowood

Suzanne Teng Topanga Dreams Echoes LRC 6*

Patrick O'Hearn Traveler's Rest So Flows the Current

ID#01-J07-00134 Thursday July 5 2001 (Echoes Program 27N)

First Half Hour
Green Isac Mifune Groundrush

Dom F. Scab The Unpredictable Device Binary Secrets
Epiphany Project Gone Epiphany Project

Hans Zimmer Journey to the Line The Wings of a Film

Patrick O'Hearn Along the Waterfront So Flows the Current

Second Half Hour
Gerry O'Beirne The Glass Boat Half Moon Bay
Eberhard Weber Nuit Blanche Endless Days

Michael Manring Red Right Returning Drastic Measures
Deepak Ram Lullaby for Krupa Searching for Satyam

Afrocelt Sound System The Silken Whip Further in Time

Third Half Hour
Carl Weingarten Come With Me Blue Faith

Gary Stroutsos Pacific Moon Reprise Pacific Moon

Carol Tatum Persentio Music for Harp

Brian Eno/J.  Peter Schwalm Persis Drawn From Life

Michael Gulezian Almost Made it to Guam Distant Memories and Dreams

Fourth Half Hour
A Produce Smile on the Void Smile on the Void

Tito La Rosa All One Nation The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

Andreas Vollenweider The Play of the 5 Balls The Essential AndreasVollenweider

Old Blind Dogs Cuilfhionn Fit?

Kit Watkins Logarhythm The Unseen

ID#01-J07-00135 Friday July 6 2001 (Echoes Program 27P)

First Half Hour
Vieux Diop Mom's Jam Afrika Wasa

Tim Farrell Rain on the Roof Songs from Clarowood

Nana Ishe O Wa Daughters of the Sun

Alpha Wave Movement Bislama Bislama

Second Half Hour
Tim Story Slippery Hours Shadowplay

Coulter/Phillips Ensemble Rain into Snow Echoes LRC Vol 6*

Alex de Grassi Turning: Turning Back Touch*

Night Ark Picture Treasures

Izdatso Jazz ID Izdatso

Third Half Hour
Crown Invisible V07 CI 4: Cinema

William Coulter/Benjamin Verdery How Great is the Pleasure Song for our Ancestors
Bruce Kaphan Clouds Slider

Kitaro Spirit of Harp Ancient

Hans Zimmer Now We Are Free The Wings of a Film

The Maskit English Countryside Heaven Machine

Fourth Half Hour

Henry Wolff/Nancy Hennings Tibetan Bells Tibetan Bells
Pat Thomi Time Pyramids

Steve Roach Reflections in Suspension Structures from Silence

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