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April 18-22, 2005

Following is a listing of the musical selections on Echoes this week.  The playlists include start times that indicate the approximate beginning of that piece of music, represented in minutes and seconds after the start of the hour. 

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Tuesday 04/19/05
The Album Leaf should be on the modern instrumental landscape and listened to in the same light as Brian Eno or Harold Budd. But this San Diego band has been flying under the radar, at least ours, for the last 8 years, releasing albums of dreamy, ambient, keyboard based music. While they've escaped our attention, they've drawn a global audience from the same indie scene that has touted bands like Bright Eyes and Sigur Ros. In fact, the Icelandic Sigur Ros invited The Album Leaf to open their last US tour and helped The Album Leaf record their new album, IN A SAFE PLACE (Sub Pop Records). We turn a translucent page when The Album Leaf's Jimmy LaValle talks about their instrumental dream pop.

Wednesday 04/20/05
DJ Free a.k.a Gordy Schaeffer is Soulfood, and with various collaborators, he's released over 20 CDs in the last seven years. For MYSTIC CANYONS, he returns to the sound of the first Soulfood album, BREATHE, creating a Native American ambient music. Befitting his DJ roots, MYSTIC CANYONS is a seamless journey of Native American flutes, triumphal acoustic guitar, meditative piano and plush synthesizer atmospheres all wrapped in ethereal melodies that bend like the arc of a hawk traversing the Sonoran Plateau.

Thursday 04/21/05
Between 1984 and 1988, Miami Vice lit up TV screens as the hippest cop show ever. Part of its hipness was the kinetic soundtrack composed by Jan Hammer. The synthesist came to renown with The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Jeff Beck, but hit number one with his theme to Miami Vice. With ricochet percussion samples and screaming electric guitar and synthesizer lines, Miami Vice completely altered the TV scoring landscape. The TV series is now being released on DVD. We return to the scene of the crime, with Miami Vice composer, Jan Hammer.

Friday 04/22/05
It's the sound of crickets, wind and whales, which must mean it's time for another Echoes Earth Day Celebration. At a time when the environment has never been more fragile or threatened, we celebrate the world in sound on Earth Day 2005.

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