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February 18-22, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of February 18-22, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday 02/18/02
Vangelis is an icon of synthesizer music. His 1970s albums, HEAVEN & HELL and ALBEDO 0.39 were space music classics. His score to the 1981 film, CHARIOTS OF FIRE was the first ever electronic film score to win an academy award. Vangelis rarely gives interviews, but in Greece, we captured him while he recording the PBS concert film in the Temple of Zeus for his album, MYTHODEA (Sony Classical). Vangelis talks about his classical music opus and his method of spontaneous composition.

Tuesday 02/19/02
We know Dean De Benedictus as the man behind Surface 10, creator of ambient electronic sound designs. But now Dean has stepped out under his own name for a music that shares the exotic terrain of Surface 10, but which accomplishes it acoustically. Playing Native American flutes, ocarinas, Balinese flutes and hand percussion, Dean sends them through a maze of electronic processing to create an organic space music on his new album, A LONE REPLY (Fateless). Dean De Benedictus drives cross-country from Los Angeles to talk about his new music.

Wednesday 02/20/02
Ancient Future is the group that coined the term "world fusion" and from their debut album in the late 1970s through to their 1993 CD, ASIAN FUSION (Narada) they've been living by that credo. Although they haven't released a CD in nearly a decade, the group has been working on and has finally issued a new album, PLANET PASSION. With a new group that includes sitarist Habib Khan and singer Irina Mikhailova, Ancient Future continues to essay a cross-cultural sound. We gather the band in founder Matthew Montfort's home where they talk about the state of the World Fusion.

Thursday 02/21/02
This is a rare Echoes living room concert in front of a live audience. We caught Ottmar Liebert and his Luna Negra XL group at the Sunoco Performance Theater at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Sponsored by Echoes affiliate station, WITF-FM, John Diliberto gets on stage with Liebert and company, who play and talk about the music that is now called Nouveau Flamenco.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00035 Monday February 18, 2001 (Echoes Program 8Q)

First Half Hour
William Watson Garden of Zen Echoes LRC vol 6*
David Michael/Randy Mead Swirling Dream Mountain in the Sky
Lisa Walker Mysticete Grooved Whale  
Zhang Wei-Liang Sorrow The Heavenly Sound of Xiao
Martin Simpson Plains of Waterloo Cool & Unusual

Second Half Hour
Steve Roach Spirit Moves Streams and Currents
Epiphany Project Gone Epiphany Project
Kazu Matsui Sign of the Snow Crane Bamboo
Skyedance Donostia Live in Spain
B-Tribe La Guitarra Spiritual Spiritual
Keola Beamer Kawohikukapulani Soliloquy
Vincent Gabriel Antonini Unforeseen Unforeseen

Third Half Hour
Vangelis Movement 9 Mythodea
Archetribe Cycle of Dust Earthtones
Mark Isham If I Could Kiss You Life As a House
Philip Aaberg Before Barbed Wire Live From Montana  
Solas Prelude #1/Black Annis The Edge of Silence
Ma Ja Le/James Johnson Outside In Seed

Fourth Half Hour

Vangelis Movement #1 Mythodea
Tony McManus Ye Banks and Braes Ceol More
Drala Home Drala

ID#02-J07-00036 Tuesday February 19, 2002 (Echoes Program 8R)

First Half Hour
Dean DeBenedictus Avenging Ill-fated Visions A Lone Reply
Kazu Matsui Talking With Rice Spirit Bamboo
David Darling Prayer and Word Cello Blue
Robert Rich Surface Rain Forest
Ben Verdery Ellis Island Ufonia

Second Half Hour

Dean Debenedictus As the Ocean Emptied A Lone Reply
David Pritchard Driven Unassigned Territory
Richard Searles In Winter's Shadow The Green Man
Hans Zimmer Leave No Man Behind Black Hawk Down

Third Half Hour
Martin Posen Listening Hands Listening Hands  
Solas Maybe in a Prayer The Edge of Silence
Tom Verlaine/Kronos Quartet Spiritual Big Bad Love*
Brian Eno/J. Peter Schwalm Night Traffic Drawn From Life
Spool Tuesday Echoes LRC Vol 5*

Fourth Half Hour
Erik Wollo Tide 2 Traces  
Shaman's Dream Offerings Prana
Kit Watkins Evening Mothra The Gathering Set 2  
Habib Khan Jewel of Jewels Jewel of Heart

ID#02-J07-00037 Wednesday February 20, 2002 (Echoes Program 8S)

First Half Hour
Doug Smith/Mark Hanson Renewal II The Power of Two
Michelle Shocked I Know What you Dub Dub Natural  
Ravi Shankar Sadhanipa Bridges
Ishq Fluid Earth Orchid (Ltd Edition)

Second Half Hour
R. Carlos Nakai/Amo Chip Dabney Apache Wind Edge of the Century
Tony McManus Sliabh Gal Cua/Kishor's Tune Ceol More
Al Petteway Shadow on the Marsh Mark Twain*
Afro Celt Sound System Onwards Further in Time
Philip Aaberg Montana Half Light Live from Montana  

Third Half Hour
Ancient Future Ne Po Pogrebu Bochonochek Planet Passion
Will Millar/Paul Horn Passing of the Gael Journey of the Celts
Kitaro Wave of Sound An Ancient Journey
Will Ackerman Illumina Hearing Voices
Hans Christian Rapture Echoes LRC Vol 4*

Fourth Half Hour

Ancient Future Forest Frolic Planet Passion
B-Tribe Adagio in g minor Spiritual Spiritual
Der Spyra Chord 3 Organ Elevator to Heaven  
Mark Hunton Out on the Edge Annapurna: Towering Sky

ID#02-J07-00038 Thursday February 21, 2002 (Echoes Program 8T)

Ottmar Liebert Chi-Wah-Wah Beauty Opium

First Half Hour
Artist Title Original Album  
Ottmar Liebert Borrasca Borrasca
Ottmar Liebert Lush The Hours Between Night & Day
Ottmar Liebert Buleria unreleased  
Ottmar Liebert Barcelona Nights Barcelona Nights

Second Half Hour
Ottmar Liebert Bombay The Hours Between Night & Day
Ottmar Liebert Morning Arrival in Goa The Hours Between Night & Day
Ottmar Liebert Little Wing Little Wing
Ottmar Liebert Paint It Black Little Wing

Third Half Hour
Trammell Starks Creature Regions A Trilogy of Fantasy
Patrick Bell Good Morning To Your Nightcap Fair Play  
Thomas Barquee La Buddha Temple
Craig Padilla Folding Space Folding Space and Melting Galaxies  

Fourth Half Hour
Erik Wollo Dream Lines Wind Journey
Enya Angeles Shepherd Moons
David Helpling Deeper Still Sleeping on the Edge of the World
Taylor Eigsti Past Voices Songs Without Words II*
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning The Bard and the Warrior Music of Celtic Legends
Chris Spheeris/Anthony Mozzella Toward the Light Brio

ID#02-J07-00039 Friday February 22, 2001 (Echoes Program 51N)

First Half Hour
Sayama #2 Yin Tao  
Will Ackerman For the Asking Hearing Voices
Mouth Music Seafaring Man Seafaring Man
John Lakveet Circumvolito Sequentiagite  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Elieson Echoes LRC Vol 7*
Peppino D'Agostino Only Yesterday A Glimpse of Times Past

Second Half Hour
B-Tribe La Guitarra Spiritual Spiritual
Lumin Hadra Hadra
Green Isac Caravan Groundrush
R. Carlos Nakai/Amo Chip Dabney Apache Wind Edge of the Century
Cindy Combs Ke Welina Slack Key Lady

Third Half Hour
Mars Lasar Tara Karma
Autumn's Child Yellow Field Storytelling
Axiom of Choice Valeh Echoes LRC Vol 7*
Kit Waktins The Upper Regions of Space The Gathering Set 1  

Fourth Half Hour
Ed Gerhard Promised Land House of Guitars
Carl Weingarten Cambodian Waltz The Acoustic Shadow
Samite Zenina Kambu Angels
Greg Ellis Form A Kala Rupa
Mark Dwane Geoglyphs Planetary Mysteries  

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