Weekend, June 1 & 2, 2019: Lena Natalia & Massergy Interviews

Lena Natalia & Massergy Interviews

Lena Natalia/Massergy

With Lena Natalia and Massergy, it’s an interesting pairing this weekend with a deeply trained classical composer and a completely self-taught musician who started relatively late in life, We talk with ambient chamber music composer, Lena Natalia. Lena is classically trained, spent a lot of time in France and has emerged with a distinctive Neo-classical to ambient sound. Her album, Lonely Satellite was in Echoes Top 25 for 2018. We talk to Lena Natalia on Echoes.


Then there is Massergy, the performance name of Eric Jensen. His story includes the loss of his brother, learning electronic music from scratch, psychedelics and recording his electronic music out in his yard.  HIs album, Fire Opal was the May CD of the Month. Join us when we turn on and drop in on Massergy on Echoes.

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