Weekend, May 11 & 12, 2019: Mystic Journey & Chad Lawson

Mystic Journey Live and Chad Lawson Interview

Mystic Journey and Chad Lawson in Echoes Studio

This weekend, the world fusion duo Mystic Journey play live.  Mystic Journey have been favorites on Echoes for all of this century. World music flutist Suzanne Teng and world percussionist Gilbert Levy weave exotically beautiful minarets of melody and rhythm.  Their last album, Kingdom of Mountains was a Echoes CD of the Month.  Mystic Journey they take us on a global exploration live on Echoes.

Weekend listeners may also hear pianist Chad Lawson came up through classical and jazz. He came to some renown with his album, The Chopin Variations,  turning the Polish composer into something acoustically ambient. But now he’s creating original ambient music, treating his piano with electronic processing to give him a more atmospheric sound. You can hear it on his serene new album, Re:Piano.  We talk to Chad Lawson about reinventing the piano on Echoes. Catch Chad Lawson’s live Echoes performance streaming now.

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