Weekend, May 4 & 5, 2019: Massergy & William Tyler

Massergy's CD of the Month and William Tyler Interview This Weekend on Echoes.

Massergy Fire Aopla and William Tyler Playing Guitar

This weekend we get ambiently psychedelic with the May CD of the MonthMassergy’s Fire Opal. This is an album of electronic moods inspired by the hallucinogenic ceremonies of Mexico’s Mazatec Indians.  Massergy creates an early-Pink Floyd influenced soundscapes to take us on a trip. The album was actually recorded outdoors in a nature preserve.  We feature tracks from Massergy’s Fire Opal. Read John Diliberto’s review..

Weekend listeners may also hear our interview with guitarist William Tyler. There are a lot of guitarist who came out of the second finger-style renaissance in the 2000’s and into this decade. But the musician who has taken this music the furthest, is William Tyler. His latest album is Goes West. We talk with William Tyler on Echoes.

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