Weekend, September 29 & 30, 2018: Aukai in Concert

Aukai Live and Interview with Dr. Drummer Bill Bill Brford

We’ve been playing the music of Aukai for a long time now. This is the group headed by Markus Sieber.  If you follow the kirtan and chant music scene he performs in a duo called Mirabai Ceiba with his wife, harpist and singer Angelika Baumbach. Now he’s branched out from that group with a project called Aukai.  Their debut album was an Echoes CD of The Month in 2016 and they released a new one, Branches Of Sun earlier this year. Aukai operates in an area of pristine sound, rustic roots, and soulful melodies. You might think of Ludovico Einaudi, The Penguin Café Orchestra or Gustavo Santaolalla.  The name Aukai is a Hawaiian word for “traveler” and Markus Sieber has been doing that musically and physically. We are thrilled to be in the home of Aukai’s producer, Jamshied Sharifi in New York City to hear this group performing live.

Weekend listeners will also hear an interview with Bill Bruford. He was the influential drummer with Yes, King Crimson and UK and now he has a doctorate in music and a book to go with it called Uncharted: Creativity and the Expert Drummer. He was always one of the most erudite of progressive rock musicians and it’s one full display when we talk to Bill Bruford on Echoes.

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