Tuesday, September 11th, 2018: Khruangbin

Khruangbin's Psychedelic Lounge

We talk with Khruangbin. John Diliberto sat down with the Texas trio to talk about their songs, which have roots in Thai pop, spaghetti westerns, surf guitar, krautrock, lounge music, dub and a lot of other styles, all wrapped up in a sound that’s been described as psychedelic.

Laura Lee: We get asked this a lot. I think psychedelic, you know, I guess initially was used to describe music that you would take psychedelics to. Um and I guess Khruangbin could be that.
Mark Speer: Yeah, I mean like the west, as soon as you start playin Turkish scales and slightly fuzzed out, everyone thinks it’s psychedelic, but really in Turkey it’s, it’s just rock music.

That’s Khruangbin. We talk to them on Echoes.

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