Weekend, August 4 & 5, 2018: The August CD of the Month

Talitha Rise's CD of the Month and an Interview with Michelle Qureshi This Weekend on Echoes.


Weekend listeners hear the August CD of the Month, An Abandoned Orchid House by Talitha Rise. In his review, John Diliberto called it “a perfect song cycle that touches the spirit while enveloping you in a world of sound.” It was already picked as the number on our mid-year, Best of Echoes 2018. . . So Far, so how could it not be a CD of the month pick? We unravel the charms of Talitha Rise’s An Abandoned Orchid House on Echoes.

Weekend listeners with more than two hours of Echoes will also hear us unfold the music of Michelle Qureshi. She’s a classically trained guitarist but she’s gone far beyond that in her ambient landscapes that mix multiple instruments and electronics. She calls her work, Music as Metaphor. We talk musical symbols and allegories with Michelle Qureshi.

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