Weekend June 30th & July 1st , 2018: Talitha Rise

We Talk to Talitha Rise Next

Jo Beth Young of Talitha Rise Reclining

Talitha Rise’s debut album, An Abandoned Orchid House, was the Number One album in The Best of Echoes 2018. . . So Far. Imagine early Genesis with a more pastoral sound, a dash of Fleetwood Mac and a female singer of folk-like purity and you have the sound of Talitha Rise. That’s the recording persona of Jo Beth Young, an English musician who has found her voice in the middle of her life with an unlikely collaborator, drummer Martyn Barker of the new wave band, Shriekback.  We talk to Jo Beth Young and Martyn Barker about Talitha Rise this weekend on Echoes.


Weekend listeners may also  hear  The Best of Echoes 2018, So Far. It’s the halfway point of the year which means it’s time for The Best of Echoes 2018, So Far. We pick the top 25 albums of the year to date and play them for you in sequence. See if your favorites are on the Best of Echoes 2018 So Far. The list includes one of the veterans of Echoes as well as artists who are new to the show in just this past six months. I think our number one pick may surprise many of you.

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