Wordless Echoes: Energy Assembly


Wordless Echoes: Energy Assembly
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 The American Dollar Ghosts Across the Ocean
0:03:46 Martin Nonstatic Gila Digiseeds (v/a)
0:10:56 Karsh Kale High Up
0:13:25 Tuxedomoon and Cult with No Name Until the Robins Come Blue Velvet Revisited
0:17:18 Forgotten Future Energy Assembly Forgotten Future W1
0:25:28 Forrest Fang Message in the Sand The Sleepwalker’s Ocean
0:34:03 Redshift Vampyre Life to Come
0:44:59 John Metcalfe Sun The Appearance of Colour
1:04:58 Erik Wollo Crystal Bells 4
1:08:04 Bartz Observations P.O.E.A.S. 
1:12:34 Leo Kottke When Shrimps Learn to Whistle Dreams
and all That Stuff 
1:15:56 Janel & Anthony Mustang Song Where
is Home 
1:21:27 Michael Rother Sonnenrad Sterntaler
1:27:28 Al Petteway & Amy White Swannanoa  Land
of the Sky 
1:32:05 Kila Rachel Corrie Suas Sios
1:35:36 Endless Tapes Il Guardiano Brilliant Waves
1:41:21 Vic Levak Dreamer Tranceology
1:44:44 Mind Transport Tools Moving Through Walls Astral Bridge
1:55:04 Skala Ice Tundra
1:59:31 Sumner McKane Havre Stone’s
2:04:32 Mohenjo-Daro Pandavas Sangeet
2:08:11 Andy McKee Drifting Art of
2:11:13 Ric Hordinski The Master Musician Arthur’s
2:15:15 Jill Haley Sipapu Emergence Mesa
Verde Soundscapes 
2:18:20 Max Richter infra 8 infra
2:20:47 A Winged Victory for the Sullen Atomos VIII Atomos
2:25:36 AeTopus Quietus Est When
2:30:37 Jonathan Elias American River American
2:35:17 George Wallace It Is Light Music
2:46:15 Jorge Reyes El Ensonamiento Bajo el Sol Jaguar
2:51:10 Another Fine Day Naiad A Good
Place to Be 
2:57:04 Roger Eno/Lol Hammond Blue Kind of Drug Damage
3:03:20 Air Night Sight Pocket
3:07:26 Joaquin Lievano Himalian Sunset Ecologie
3:13:40 David Helpling & Jon Jenkins Edge of Tomorrow Found
3:20:22 Chad Lawson Nocturne in F Minor Echoes
Live 21 (v/a)
3:26:05 Johann Johannson Fordlandia Fordlandia
3:39:30 Brian Eno Ikebukuro  The
Shutov Assembly 
3:55:30 Robert Rich Sky
4:04:08 John Hodian MMU-14 pt 6 Available
4:10:40 Kevin Keller Beyond the Infinite La
4:19:42 Jean-Michel Jarre Conquistador (with Gesaffelstein) Electronica
1: The Time Machine 
4:22:46 Mars Lasar Divine Shadows AfterWorld 
4:28:46 Jeffrey Koepper After Glow Konnektions
4:37:23 Adham Shaikh Journey to the Sun Journey
to the Sun
4:50:45 Jon Hassell Darbari Bridge Maarifa
5:01:41 John Wubbenhorst Noon Mist Bansuri Dreams
5:10:40 AES Dana Forest Fish Season
5:15:40 zerO One Traject0ry Signals
5:19:47 Ascendant Probability Aethereal
5:27:00 Joan Jeanrenaud Transition Strange
5:39:50 Trevor Stewart Ascending Beyond
5:43:47 Jim Stublefield Terra e Sole Encantado
5:49:08 John Renbourn The Pelican The
Black Balloon
5:56:02 Robert Powell Pony Owens Desert