Wordless Echoes: The Tao of Steve

A five hour soundscape exploring musical "Steve-ness."

In the indie movie from 2000, The Tao of Steve, the character Dex suggests that “Steve” represents the archetypal cool guy, and develops a philosophy of “being Steve.”  Over the course of the movie, we learn that this might not be a reliable credo, but the idea caused us to notice that there’s a whole lot of Echoes music made by Steves: Steve Roach, Steve Tibbetts, Steve Hillage, and Steve Stevens just scratch the surface.  Here’s a five-hour uninterrupted instrumental soundscape exploring the music of Steves.  To be fair, we included Stevens, Stephens, Stephans, Stephanies, even a Stevin, and we’re starting to think that maybe we all should be trying to attain Steve-ness….


Wordless Echoes:  The Tao of Steve
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Steven Halpern Lifetide (w/ Dallas Smith & Susan Mazer) Among Friends 1975-2015 
0:05:10 Stephan Micus Part 4  Twilight Fields 
0:14:51 Stephen Bacchus Music for the Morning of the World Pangaea
0:21:36 Stephanie Gelfan After the Rain  Je Me Souviens 
0:30:26 Stephen Duros Slow Motion-Underwater Thira
0:34:33 Stefano Barone Madrid Danze Altalenanze 
0:38:57 Stephen Bennett Song for Tsenacommacah  Music from Tsenacommacah 
0:42:21 Steve Baughman Han Shan Temple Clawhammer Guitar (v/a)
0:47:19 Stephen Endelman Looking at the Map Home of the Brave 
0:49:23 Stephen Stubbs Improvisation 1 Teatro Lirico
0:57:00 Steve Roach A Subtle Twist of Fate Skeleton Keys 
1:10:01 Stephen DeRuby Ascension Sacred Spaces
1:14:33 Steve Gordon Way of the Shaman Drum Prayer
1:24:02 Stefano Battaglia Trio Minas Tirith The River of Anyder
1:31:34 Steve Jolliffe Second Reality Journeys Out of the Body
1:39:30 Stephanie Sante Café au Lait Coffee Culture 
1:43:26 Steve Reich Pulses Music for 18 Musicians 
1:48:38 Steve Nieve Window #4 (Jackson’s Window) Windows
1:54:48 Steve Hackett Spectral Mornings Spectral Mornings 
2:01:08 Steve Stevens Velvet Cage Flamenco A Go-Go
2:07:03 Steve Tibbetts Drawing Down the Moon Exploded View
2:11:41 Steve Hillage Four Ever Rainbow Rainbow Dome Musick 
2:30:45 Steven Cragg Summerstreams Discovery
2:38:22 Stevie Be Zet African Marche Archaic Modulation
2:48:04 Steven Grahn Beside the Water Searchers
2:52:40 Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy East Side West Side The Rare Earth 
2:56:39 Steve Dinsdale Gone Mission New Church
3:00:34 Steven Price Shenzou Gravity (OST) 
3:06:37 Steven Chesne and the Luminous World Orchestra Aqua Velvet Muses of Aqua 
3:16:05 Stephen Duros Arrival Thira
3:21:47 Stephanie Bennett Dream Dance Stories Seldom Told 
3:28:00 Steven Halpern Deep Alpha 8Hz pt 8 Deep Alpha:Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation and Healing
3:35:07 Steve Gorn Hummingbird Colors of the Mind
3:40:04 Stephan van Handel The Bridge to Anyang Pearls of the Soul
3:47:31 Steve Khan/Rob Mounsey I See a Long Journey Local Color 
3:57:45 Steve Morse Band Clear Memories Split Decision
4:00:55 Stevin McNamara Heart of the Lotus pt 3 Shakti Guitar 
4:10:17 Stephen Caudel Wine Dark Sea part 1- The Outward Journey Wine Dark Sea
4:31:04 System 7 (Steve Hillage) Masato Eternity Phoenix
4:38:08 Steve Tibbetts The Alien Lounge YR 
4:41:20 Steve Roach A Circular Ceremony Dreamtime Return
4:50:54 Steve Naieve The Time It’s Raining Somewhere


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