Echoes in London – pt3

We spent much of the day today being lost in London…. it’s a very tricky city to navigate by car! But thankfully all the time lost driving in circles was worth it in the end, because we managed to record more excellent performances and interviews.

First stop was with Radio Massacre International:

Sadly their guitarist Gary Houghton was out of town, but Duncan Goddard and Steve Dinsdale filled-in the gap pretty nicely with a few more notes from the mountain of electronic gear. Gary even made an appearance through the wonders of technology: samples of guitar tracks he’d sent-in appeared in the first track RMI performed.

Duncan Goddard has a pretty impressive collection of old electronic instruments, and John Diliberto got him to describe them for us, keep an eye out for the upcoming interview with RMI for the whole story…

RMI bounces between Manchester and London as a base of operations, and by an odd coincidence, we met up with two other musicians from Manchester later in the day. The members of Marconi Union came down to London for the day and performed a Living Room Concert for us.

They played a few pieces from their latest CD, Distance
as well as a new tune that we hope to see on a future release.

More interviews and another concert recording tomorrow,


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